Training Aid Review: The Lag Shot 7-Iron

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GOLF's Managing Game-Improvement Editor Luke Kerr-Dineen tries out the lag shot 7-iron training aid, and shares his thoughts on how it can help your game.



Britt Haney says:

who signed off on the voice to audio levels for this video hahahahahahaha what the heck

Steve Grantz says:

omg, this is so unwatchable with the music. Come on pal, i wanna see the product and listen to you

Wayne Carroll says:

Little louder music will allow me to miss everything better!!

Jon Parker says:


pat c says:

Terrible Audio..

Tom Rowe says:

Dreadful background music gave up watching….

Jeff Reddy says:

You need to work on the audio in your video.

DP Dutcher says:

your music is too loud. Drowns out your voice

Wayne Dowding says:

are you in a night club?

Max Wide says:

Music is awful and completely unnecessary, couldn’t watch

Sergio Figueroa says:

I love my Lagshot. Helps with my tempo and keeping my hands ahead of the club head.

Andrew Carr says:

This is a future of golf I'm not okay with: sneakers and loud enough music that this guy has to yell instructions. Does it cost too much to mix the music at a lower volume?

Winston Rock says:

Turn the music up I can still hear some talking in the background

Truth, Life & Fishing says:

Fantastic idea….the music in the background is not.

Otis Regatoni says:

Got one, made a massive improvement in my sequencing. Helped me start the swing from the feet up.

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