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You are watching this video that will help you not get ripped of ONLINE any longer with training aids! We try 3 test the, rate them, and show you how to best use them to improve your golf game!

We also talk through the to golf balls to use this winter to get make the most of your money and catch up on the latest trade up with the putter!!

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– 2020 is starting thick and fast and during the 2020 golf season you can expect to see me across all golf channels and working providing golf tuition for GOLF MONTHLY.

@Golf Monthly…
Hi Iโ€™m Alex Elliott, welcome to my YouTube channel AlexElliottGolf. My channel is all about you accessing your best golf ever and learning how to access that more often and become a great consistent striker of the golf ball, whilst having fun along the way.

I specialise in golf lessons, challenges and course vlogs!

All my instruction videos comes from my experience teaching golfers every single day on the lesson tee and my 3 years as a caddy on the European tour where i was exposed to the highest level of coaching to build a wealth of knowledge to now pass onto you!


I want you to play better golf and strike the golf ball like you now you can PURE. I cover a range of topics that include, How to hit he golf ball longer and straighter from the tee, Instruction videos on how to cure your slice with your driver, How to improve the strike of your irons and create that ball then turf divot, the keys to the stance with all clubs, How to start the swing correctly through simple takeaway tips, the sequence of the downswing and how to rotate through the golf ball, don't forgot short-game tips such as: How to create spin when chipping, Master the bunkers from wet sand and how to hole more putts out on the golf course.

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Carl Campbell says:

Alex can you please take a look at the training aid called "Slot Machine" that lays on the ground? I bought one and it is very interesting because it shows the users very specific "grooves" in backswing and downswing that prevent hitting the ground.

al chavana says:

I got the Callaway armband from walmart; it was 12 bucks. I didn't think it would work, but it was cheap. It really kept my elbows from flying all over the place. Damn thing added 15 yards. Not joking. Lol, damn thing worked

Joe Marks says:

I have a golf swing shirt, but not orange, mine is white. They also are available in black.
Practicing hitting 80 balls two or three times per week, for the last 6 months, my handicap has dropped from 7 to 3. I also picked it up for 1/2 price brand new. $30.
It will feel tight when you first use it, especially if you've always used a 2 plane swing.
Also, it's imperative to get the proper size.
After using it several times, it wont feel so tight anymore as you get used to swinging more with your body instead of your arms.
After enough practice you'll get the sensation that you are wearing it as you swing without it on.
The white one with a white shirt on underneath it doesn't look so gaudy. I'm sure the black one with a black shirt underneath would as well.
I haven't had anyone laugh about about it, but get inquisitive comments instead. Personally, I wouldn't care if they did laugh.

Best $30 training aid I've ever used. I don't try to hit the golf ball anymore, it just gets in the way of my swing now. ๐Ÿ‘

john laroche says:

Alex, played yesterday. Cold, cold, cold. 10 plus mile an hour wind and about 40 degrees Fahrenheit. Had an 85.
Really liked the ball analysis. I use Kirkland golf balls. They come from Costco which is a discount store in the states.
Keep up the good work.

Luke Longley says:

Hi Alex, do you know where we can get the GravityFit from in the UK?

duncosx says:

That shirt would be ok if it wasnโ€™t in โ€œplease shoot me โ€œ orange!๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

WR Admin says:

Do the shirts come in different colours?

Sam Leech says:

Nice shirt John

JZM says:

Yes please do a review….I use Titleist ProV1 all year around.

Pamela Nield says:

Where would I get the bands and/or vest from?

Terry Rankin says:

Ball review

Timothy Daniels says:

My favourite training aid is the golf instructor who I have total trust in. Hint: heโ€™s a Brit living in Florida.

Pat Ursomanno says:

Why a different ball for the winter ? Ever heard of "Master Grip" golf balls says they compare to Pro V1

Aart van der Molen says:

What brand, type and strength is that 5 quid elastic band ? Theraband does not have handles to put your hands through ?

Keith Newton says:

Definitely a cheaper ball review for winter golf

Wayne Park says:

I just purchased Wilson Titanium, Regular price was $24.99 Canadian for 18 golf balls. I got them for $14.99 for 18. What are your thoughts on these for the colder weather?

Richard Swayze says:

I like the Tour Striker Smart Ball. Comes on an adjustable lanyard to hang around your neck. Blows up easily to the size you choose…hold it between your forearms to feel connected through the arms. You can also choose to use it like Collin Morikawa does with his golf glove drill and put the deflated ball under your front arm pit during the swing and don't let it fall until after hitting the ball to practice keeping your connection and arm and body synchronized. The lanyard is great because you don't have to keep picking up the glove or ball

John Cooper says:

Now living in Thailand so my winter ball much the same as summer ball. Bridgestone.

Robert Dunlap says:

Srixon Soft Feel. $19.99 US Amazon.

Ashley Elliott says:

The chuckle brothers.

Carlos Melville says:

Ball review please, have a great weekend chaps.

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