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In this lesson I give Triana some tips with the driver! She hits some great shots, and don't miss the MSE Tournament on March 11. Email for details!

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abrahamhdz says:

99 to 117… OMG!

abrahamhdz says:

What is your swing speed nowadays?

Bigski Ohio says:

Fix her grip looks awkward andpainful

James Klaudt says:

Fix that grip first!

Fran├žois Desmoulins-Lebeault says:

I like your teaching approach… But I would have started more basically with grip/posture/stance : even with a great motion, if the static at the beginning is wrong, it's not going to be easy to obtain repeatable outcomes. Still, I'm very much waiting anxiously to see how she develops as a golfer. Keep on the good work!

Jim Backner says:

I'm beggin ya Christo…..please strengthen up her left hand grip!!!!!!!

Thomas Fraser says:

Love her enthusiasm seeing her bounce up and down. However; aside from that, love your teaching methods. The video showed her totally disconnected at the beginning and more connected at the end; especially with her trail arm and elbow pointing to her trail hip. Have you shown her the video of Hogan on the Ed Sullivan show? That 49 second video is a great reminder of how the swing goes; and is easy for everyone to do at any time; even prior to making the actual strike at the ball. Also golf instructors never speak of how the left arm is actually inert throughout the swing. I always tell anyone who is willing to listen; that the backswing should always start with the gentle pulling of the lead arm across the upper core of our body. This action is done by our trail hand that is bending back towards our forearm away from the inside of our wrist ( dorsiflexion ) until it stops at the top of our swing. Knowing this; in order for her and us to stay looser in our swing, we must have passive shoulder joints; not looseness of the arms as she is shown at the beginning of your video. Keep up the good work. Hope you come to the Boston area. I would love to meet you personally . Your number one fan.

Ed Floody says:

3:00 Due to the insane amount of rotational speed generated by the uncoiling, centrifugal force launches the clubhead from its initial orbit out to its constrained outer orbit. As it moves toward its outer orbit it is continually accelerating approaching near speed of light where it collides with the golf ball melding atoms causing a sub atomic reaction releasing enough energy to power a small town for a day.

Paddy's Bricks says:

Needs to work on that weak left hand grip!

Mike White says:

all that matters is the enthusiasm stays high

David Forrester says:

Does she only have one set of golf clothing?

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