TRUTH ABOUT THE GOLF SWING – All beginners need to know this simple tip

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This video discusses the truth about the golf swing, all beginners need to know to make it simple. The golf swing can often become over complicated with golfers resorting to using swing trainers, and swing training aids, you search ours for the perfect golf swing tips and advice, however normally over looking the most important part of the golf swing….. How to actually hit the golf ball.

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This video will take you through the golf swing in slow motion, helping you understand the perfect simplicity of whats required to hit the golf ball.

To play golf you don't need the perfect swing plane, even don't need to know how to hit the driver, you do need to know how to hit the golf ball off the floor and that's what this video will teach you,

Anyway hope you enjoy the video, my last point is this video will help all levels of golfers, beginners, ladies, seniors and juniors.


Ben green says:

Low point Low point ~ This where a flippers lose it and once you learn this ~ a lot of skills become easier pitching /iron shots generally and you move from average to having some skill ~ improvement means not repeating bad technique but learning better technique leading to better golf. Good luck all 2019 ~ golf is hard but it does not have to be……

Steve Reynolds says:

I Russell
I have been playing golf for many years and found it difficult to clear my hips on the downswing causing an over the top or tippy toe swing at impact

Clouds Rain says:

Russell, I used it the following day a few weeks ago…….and bingo badaboom wow, it worked wonders…….can't stop laughing from joy! I still got a long way to go, but I now need to come back to this again, which I always work for now. You da Man!

donnachiebro says:

Superb Russell if I can master hitting the low point then should be more consistent and learn to take a divot in front of the ball ??

Clouds Rain says:

Russell you so good! Great instructor!besides my wrist and maybe a few other of your 5 six points this has been sticking in my brain like crazy about not making contact properly with the ball on a grass Matt at the range. You are simply outstanding!

gscampa says:

Hey Russell, I am a scratch player from LA trying to make my way into the mini toursĀ and have recently started teaching golf myself to pay for the Tour expenses. I have obsessively and systematically consumed all the info there is about the swing, magazines, books, online membership based systems (Revolution Golf, Top Speed Swing Golf, The Rotary Swing, Golf Digest Schools, Me and My Golf, etc., etc.). I have read what Sasho Mckenzie figured out about the swing, passive torque, etc, George Gankas, Dana Dalqhuist, etc, etc, etc. I just recently discovered you and hands down I consider you the best. I love your videos and the concise practical info you convey, including how you convey it. I also see that you smash the ball as well as any pro, how come you are not in the circuit? Anyway, thx for all the videos. Do you do coach 1 on 1? or anything of the sort? Again, love your stuff, I am devouring all your videos.

Rob Saxe says:

Absolutely correct. Fundamental #1. Well explained. This fixes so many faults in and of itself. Nice vid, good job.

FairwayJack says:

Range Mats ….put a strip of masking tape 2"" behind ball …if your low point is behind the ball, tape will stick to the leading edge.

Mitch Y says:

What is that flat device u used on the hitting mat

Peter Jones says:

Not hitting down is my biggest problem!! Some great info there. Thank you. Pete in Oz.

Trinidad Huertas says:

Simply great. (A bit cold around, apparently)

Mark Sheehan says:

I'm off 9 but I'm like a 49 in the bunkers! I'll try this to control low point!

ar halimi says:

dear Coach .. all i can say is – BEAUTIFUL..
your channel will be good for golfers ..
take care

P C says:

Are you sure about this? I've had countless lessons on the driving mat from pros and good players, and NOT ONE has ever said the ability to hit the mat is an important requirement, let alone the FIRST requirement.
What a revelation! No wonder all those years practicing on the mat got me nowhere. By giving away this secret you are now public enemy no 1 – many teaching pros have been making their living by keeping this secret from the likes of us. THANK YOU!
But how can we avoid the painful tennis and golf elbows we get from hitting the mat repeatedly?

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