TSi vs. SIM, Mavrik & G410LST

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We have no doubt that Titleist has made very nice improvements to their TS line with the new TSi driver – but how does it stack up against the very best of 2020 including top drivers from Taylormade, Callaway and Ping?

0:00 // Intro
2:38 // Testing
5:00 // Results

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Filmed at: Tour Experience Golf
Custom Golf Club Fitting Studio – Toronto, Canada

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Dante Dontelle says:

After hitting a great drive I find myself saying “Beauty Matty boy”, and my name’s not Matt.

David Weisfelt says:

Lads. When do you plan on testing the Ping G425 drivers? Eager to see how they have improved from the 410 range and how they stack up against the new Titleist Drivers. Cheers

Matt Davis says:

Kudos to Titleist for finally becoming competitive in the driver market again. The rest of their product is so good and was always let down knowing the drivers were giving something up on the competition.

S C says:

I think now all the drivers is very good for everyone. Now only you need choose which one suit your eyes and feels ??

Ryan Marshall says:

Just did a fitting last week with the SIM, SIM max, TSi2, and TSi3 (I’ve tried the Mavrik before and didn’t like it, and they said Ping was so deep back ordered to not even waste the time), and the misses with the new Titleist were way more extreme. Also the ball speed was much lower compared to the SIM. I’ve played a lot of Titleist over the last 15 years, and had to make the switch to the SIM. Which I bought and will now never be able to hit solid again, I’m betting.

Michael G says:

Fact they are all basically the same proves that it’s 99 percent the shaft. Same shaft for Matty Boy equals same results w four different heads.

Michael G says:

Great stuff but would be exponentially better if you fit for normal humans. What’s good for Matty Boy is irrelevant to 90 percent of golfers.

Bad Muppet says:

Think we are being spoiled with this channel. I have just watched a SIM vs MAVRIK for a mid handicap player video and was appalled that there was not even a discussion around shaft options and what they could bring to the show. I.E. – how the balance point on a shaft may affect perceived club head weight etc. The quality of your video’s came glaringly into the forefront and truly does show the necessity of not only getting a fitting, but also a fitting from somewhere knowledgable and with the various options!

Brad Elliott says:

Not shocked at all at the results ,,, Matt's swing is so dialed in and at the top of his performance curve that I wouldnt expect anything else to be honest ,, his swing determines the performance and if you give him similar setups how can you expect anything else ? Unless one head is sooo vastly different as too alter the results I think you're going to continue to see the same thing with Matt over and over ,, great stuff as always Thanks !

mackay19850203 says:

I'd like to see the "higher spin" versions of these heads go against each other

ReaverWall says:

You know I have to admit, these videos makes me think that I need to do more work to increase my potential distance as in my club head speed is nowhere near that. I am not saying I need to get exactly to this but narrowing the gap would be something. I view it more as a challenge for me though to improve myself and what I as an individual can do. I have tested newer drives like the Sim and even with current swing gaing at least 20yds a shot, 10 drives and that is 200. Currently using an old Callaway Big Bertha Alpha 815.

Stephan S says:

I bought the maverick 6 months ago after watching Matt hit it. I have always been a Taylormade guy. It is the best driver I've ever owned.

Blaine says:

Need to try that new Srixon ZX5

XChromeSausageX says:

Mattie gets impressive clubhead speed with a 3/4 swing.

I'm at about 115-120, but have been thinking about shortening the swing for accuracy, instead of slowing the swing speed.

MegaStan316 says:

Think the cobra sz extreme needs too be in there

Stefan Koch says:

Any reason why you didn’t include the Cobra in this comparison?

Paul Kielwasser says:

I hate to hear that G, Sim, and Mavrik were the best and y’all never did give the Honma a fitting. Puzzled as to why it was never followed-up on after the PGA Show…

angel g says:

How do I get fitted by you guys? I don’t care how much money it costs or how many days I needs to spend wherever I need to be.

Richard Evans says:

Pity the latest Mizuno was not amongst these being tested. Price far more interesting to many.

John Sandy says:

Have you guys looked at the Mizuno ST200? Thanks and as always awesome content.

nik gon says:

Super informative content!

Gibbie Smalls says:

So basically Titleist caught up to the leaders one cycle late. By the next cycle from the other "big 3", Titleist drivers will go back to being the "best of the rest".

Dave Hanstein says:

Looking forward to seeing Matt's new G425 LST driver.

Roger Fleming says:

they was so so close could of been all the same head

Alan Storer says:

PXG proto never seems to get a mention?

Scott Mullins says:

I'm new to your channel. Love your vids keep up the great work. Very informative vids


Can't wait to see them matched up against the new Ping G425…

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