Tuning Your TaylorMade R1 Driver in Three Steps

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brian wallington says:

he talked a lot but didn’t explain much!! typical expert speak !! I bet all
the engineers out there understood him,this is not the way to sell stuff to
the general public !!

Shawn Chong says:

lame. they’re copying the idea titleist started

Josh Nance says:

Trackman will show you that angle of attack is about 20 times more potent
than loft of a driver. Though i would love to hit a 7 or 8* driver i know
that its my swing thats causing backspin/high launch. Like Dawa says, dont
buy a driver to fix your swing!

Mysterypaintballer12 says:

Yay another taylormade driver i have to buy

Sladabeast says:

@Shawn Chong they started their loft changes before titliest introduced

ImfamousHunter says:

Key word there, “taylor made study’s show”

Dawa Lama says:

crap!! full of shit! more confusion… just stay with non adjustable and
find your own swing first and try to hit straight. i suggest to spend on
lesson than new expensive driver.

Nick Frisby says:

This just in Taylormade R2 to have small 35 horsepower engine.

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