Twist Face Validation with Team TaylorMade

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tony cossey says:

words you wont hear in these infomercials by sponsored pro's "i like this taylormade, but prefer callaway's 2018 driver"

Chris Moore says:

I can agree with the Crossfield story, but to play devils advocate… this same company helped me out as a junior golfer with only paying cost on a full set when I was in high school so that I could have the best equipment fit for me. And trust me, I was not someone “important”, so that meant a lot to me and created a lifelong customer regardless of poor media and the equipment works (which Crossfield also states in his video). My point being is every major company makes mistakes and does good things, their judgement just happened to be publicized by a YouTube this time as where others weren’t. Test the equipment and use what’s best for you.

Jpgundarun says:

Then when the cameras off they all roll around laughing in their big piles of cash Tailor-made are paying them to say this crap. LOL.

Gerard Funds says:

I believe that the "twist face" (not to be confused with "two face" villain from Batman) tech was tried in 2000s by Titleist Acushnet (Patented in 2007) and Cobra in 2012…hmmmm! Apparently the "new face" technology may not new so new at all.

Grimzuhl says:

This commercial made me laugh!!


Kipp DiFilippo says:

#262 is me as well

for the love of tech too says:

Cool guys TM still rock and the whole MC thing just ask any lawyers contracts are tricky as is brand association so really TM are in the right here. ??

LB says:

Hey guys… #262⛳⛳??

Isaac Pacheco says:

Your gonna pay me how much to say this? Lol #262

Golf Buddy says:

TM losing all Crossfield subscribers #262

William Eric Cave II says:

Those guys miss center buy millimeters. 99.9% of golfers miss by a lot. No club fixes a bad swing.

But ill still buy it hahaha

golfbulldog says:

what this advert should have been… on a range (seemingly the hitting end) … the rich young pros all stand around hitting driver trying to hit the range ball picker (a lone man in the distance)… they do their spiel about tech and then suddenly balls start landing 20 yards behind them… they look down range to see Tiger hitting their own balls back at them … but further… they all get into their range ball picking carts and then cut to Tiger smoking a big cigar (clearly at the hitting end of the range)….says something cool like "back to work, kids" … self awareness…irony…humility…and the fact that their current net worth are all down to 1 man…and really funny 🙂 Taylor madegolf – we need to talk.

Mark Noriega says:

Look at that line up of players….that's like ridiculous!! Add tiger to that…oh man!!!

yabadoo says:

Sorry, won't listen to these paid spokesman. Since they cant be neutral and that. #262.

TalkyMcTalkFace says:

Twist face probably works for Tour pros who deliver a face parallel to path, These clubs look cheap and tacky, the font and colour way is terrible.

jordan19862000 says:

Propoganda, propoganda, propoganda

Jake Birch says:

Wait if you don't trust someone that is sponsored, why trust these guys

Ross Atkinson says:

So closed to a path heel strikes and open to a path toe strikes are going to be straighter? Hmmm, be good to hear the explanation for this. I get the other half of the equation which they tried to explain

Tahu Hunter says:

Twist face validation……where?

jpugolf says:

WHAT …did Tiger not get the invite?

fujitasummers says:

“The people we pay agree with us”.
Who would have thought…

Mikey Mike says:

Why is the comment section filled with, "262"?

eddie brown says:

I didn't hear any of them say…."This driver is so good, Taylormade wouldn't have to pay me to play it"…..

Jeremy Stalley says:

Well , I'm convinced ?? #262

Luke Jones says:

Think I’ve just been sick in my mouth! Cringe!!!!

Nigel Freeman says:

This is vacuous shit even for TM. I would never buy their equipment.

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