Ultimate Players Cavity Iron Test | Best Cavity Back Irons of 2020 | Golf Irons Comparison

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This golf irons comparison from 2nd Swing Golf breaks down some of the best players cavity iron models available in 2020.

Despite a crazy 2020 year, golf manufacturers were still able to release new golf irons onto the market. Specifically, several new players cavity iron models were added to offer more options to the consistent ball-strikers out there. In this video, 2nd Swing's Drew Mahowald and master fitter Thomas Campbell conduct an ultimate iron comparison of the 10 best players cavity iron models in 2020 based on success in fittings and early feedback. The models featured in the test include:

Callaway X-Forged CB: https://www.2ndswing.com/callaway/golf-irons-and-iron-sets/

Cobra KING Tour: https://www.2ndswing.com/cobra/golf-irons-and-iron-sets/

Mizuno JPX 921 Tour: https://www.2ndswing.com/mizuno/golf-irons-and-iron-sets/jpx-921-tour/#used

Mizuno MP-20 MMC: https://www.2ndswing.com/mizuno/golf-irons-and-iron-sets/mp-20-mmc/#used

PING i210: https://www.2ndswing.com/ping/golf-irons-and-iron-sets/i210/#used

Srixon Z785: https://www.2ndswing.com/srixon/golf-irons-and-iron-sets/z785/#used

TaylorMade P770: https://www.2ndswing.com/taylormade/golf-irons-and-iron-sets/2020-p770/#used

TaylorMade P7MC: https://www.2ndswing.com/taylormade/golf-irons-and-iron-sets/p7mc/#used

Titleist 620 CB: https://www.2ndswing.com/titleist/golf-irons-and-iron-sets/620-cb/#used

Titleist T100: https://www.2ndswing.com/titleist/golf-irons-and-iron-sets/t100/#used

Golfers looking to trade-in their old irons in order to save on an upgrade to a set of new players cavity irons can use the 2nd Swing Value Guide and get the highest trade-in values in the industry: https://www.2ndswing.com/t-value-guide.aspx

For more information on 2nd Swing Tour Van fittings and to schedule your fitting at 2nd Swing, click here: http://fitting.2ndswing.info/

Golfers can also call (612) 216-4152 to talk with a member of the 2nd Swing Online Fitting and Support team to receive an award-winning fitting over the phone.

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The Kid says:

So p770 is the longest and callaway CB is the softest?

Gal Polanc says:

Smash factor of 1.45+??? This is driver level smash factor, not an iron.

william martella says:

Hey Drew, Thomas – what are you thoughts on TM P7MC v Cobra King CB ? I always loved the smaller, square er profile in both, but shops dont seem to carry cobra often.

Ryan Michael says:

Say what you want about Taylormade driver cycles but they keep their players irons in the lineup way longer than Mizuno and several other manufacturers.

Andrew Simpson says:

I got fitted for the ping
i210s. Great club. Nice feel and good through the turf.

J T says:

Mizuno 921 tours are money. Almost my entire bag are Mizunos now. The woods are criminally underrated.

tat 22020 says:

I210 all the way. Love those irons

Bob Pegram says:

The torquoise oval for the Srixon Z785 is disproportionately wide. There is a lot of space from the leftmost shot to the left side of the oval and a lot of space between the rightmost shot and the right side of the oval. Is this software programmed to misrepresent Srixon's accuracy – to make it look worse than it is? It sure looks like it! The Srixon oval should be about the same width as the Taylormade oval P770 (which looks too wide on the right). The Callaway oval looks too wide as well. It looks like it should be a little rounder than it it – less flat in distance. The Titleist T100 oval looks too wide on the left. The Mizuno MP-29 is too wide on the right. I am surprised that 2 numbers are missing: width of leftmost to rightmost shot and length of shortest to longest shot for each club. 2nd Swing does something on the used clubs you sell online: Every photo is the actual club that is listed – the potential buyer is looking at photos of the club he is considering buying. Much more honest and customer oriented that most other companies.

Taylor Betz says:

Great vid. Which is more forgiving, the mizuno 921 tour or TM p7mc. Thanks!

Kyle Jeffery says:

I got fit for i210s earlier this year. It's amazing how much forgiveness Ping can pack into such a nice looking profile. I get away with strikes that would cost me badly on my old P760s.

Ping really are the masters at this kind of thing. Couldn't be happier.

Mel Abshier says:

It would be nice, as we all can't see the irons first hand with Covid, to also point out the actual offset in the irons. I don't like a lot of offset. Back in the day when investment cast irons were the rage, I switched from Ben Hogans to Tommy Armour 845's. I couldn't hit any of the irons constantly above the 7. They didn't last 6 months. So back to forged with little offset and stayed that way since.. Of course no club fitters back then.
Also, point out for us lefties if the club is available left handed. I've recently bought the Mizuno ST200 driver and 3 wood from you guys. I wish Mizuno had the 5 wood as well left handed. Have a word with them. 😛
Fwiw, i'm 69 years old with a 9 handicap.
Keep up the good work.

Todd Sincock says:

great reveiw. The Srixon dispersion circle looks much larger than it should be based on dots…I assume this is computer generated but comments on this?

Obed Torres says:

Enjoying all of your content. Keep up the great work! Any of them stand out in terms of feel?

Craig Berry says:

I liked my i210's but they used to sit closed which with offset was off putting plus the turf interaction wasn't great. I opted for T100. Certainly smaller head and scary but nicer profile imo.

Wesley Fontaine says:

Informative video…all irons really nice. I am playing an old set of titleist 775 cb….How do they compare to 620 cb? Any opinion appreciated.

Daniel Jackson says:

Why did you test the old Srixon and not the ZX7?

Raymond Poublon says:

Really loved the feel, consistency, turf interaction and tight dispersion from the 921tour….ordered them after several fitting sessions two weeks ago and now hoping that they still arrive in 2020 ?

Oliverson 12 says:

Had a fitting and tested PIng I210 and i500, Titleist T200 and T100, TM p790, MP20mmc and hmb, Callaway Mavrik pro. None of these felt really bad, top 2 for me was MP20MMC and i210. Finally went with the I210’s. Feel was great and i hit center more consistently. I shot 10-12 straight balls within a range of 10m in width and less than 5m dispersion on length, really consistent. These were not the longest, but had great backspin.

Nordan Viken says:

Srixon and Mizuno is the most fun!!

Carter Bennett says:

Great content! i know this test used the S-Taper but would the C-Taper S+ be a good combination with the King Tour iron?

Scott Mullins says:

Are all the head sizes relatively the same size?

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