Ultra Hi-Tech Golf Lesson with K-Vest and Swing Catalyst

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There's no denying that we're seeing a tech revolution in the game of golf, but the question we're left asking is whether tall this new technology can really help (or actually hurt) your golf game.

To find out we head back to Sleepy Hollow Country Club to visit our friend, and Top 100 instructor, Kevin Sprecher. Follow along as Kevin shows us what technology he uses to optimize the way he helps his students improve their golf game.

Just some of the equipment featured in this video include Swing Catalyst, the K-Vest by K-Motion, Trackman, Foresight, and more.


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Golficity says:

Have you used Swing Catalyst, K-Vest, or any other new tech in any of your lessons? If so, let us know about the experience!

Callum Lee says:

I love your vids

frank turcol says:

Only having 8.6k sup blows my mind I think this channel is better then 99% of other channels by far

Bandit Baker says:

That was pure Golf tech Porn! Really enjoyable and informative!
It will be interesting to see where these lessons take you Guys and to see how your swings progress next year. Also thanks for the sub titles, watching from the UK I nearly missed a few of the things that Kevin was saying.
PS I don't understand why your channel doesn't have more subscribers!

Josh Lockwood says:

Would enjoy seeing a video months from now where you revisit Kevin to see where the swings are. It would be interesting to see how the data changes.

Bryan Romey says:

I would love to work with this guy.

Alan Mccoll says:

Great video lads ! Really interesting to see the improvements that WILL BE MADE ?

John Dixon says:

Another great video, valuable info, Kevin seems like a great guy and Frank should never dance in public again K vest or otherwise????

Christoffer Johnsson says:

Awsome video! Just keep up the good work and if you ever in sweden send me a message!

Glenn Petty says:

Good Info !!….


Kevin is a genius and a wealth of golf knowledge. He knows way more to the game then what he is even showing us probably. He has so much patience with you and takes the time to make sure you understand.

leon davis says:

Great stuff. What do think will help more in 2019. The on the course lesson or this helping with balance and training your motion

Joe Fuqua says:

What’s the lowest score you have ever shot

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