UNDERDOG VS HEAVYWEIGHT – Srixon ZX7 Iron v Titleist T100 Iron

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I put the new Srixon ZX7 Forged Iron up against the ever popular Titleist T100 Iron in a head to head battle using TrackMan to provide numbers as well as my personal feedback on the difference of looks and feel.

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David Kukesh says:

Thanks for the video. How about an mp20 MMC compassions with the zx7. Similar lofts and they have tungsten

Lee Gibbons says:

Srixon top line like my mother-in-laws chin,you could rest a baguette on that?

Lee Gibbons says:

T100s! Better comparison

Rick Williams says:

What would be the difference between T100s and T200s ?

BOBBY says:

Titleist wins on looks…great looking especially the top line by comparison to the ZX7

Paul O'Neil says:

I do not understand the launch monitor data in this video. 121mph ball speed with 20 launch angle and 5000 spin is 175 not 190 yards carry – these are basically my numbers as well and an online launch monitor will confirm them also – the way you make it 190 yards is hitting at 5000 feet elevation

Will L says:

Aw man, you didn't do your usual topline comparison side by side (single clip). Your my go-to topline guy.

Luke Warmwater says:

T100S and this would have been very interesting…

Summit Golf says:

I struggle believing those TM numbers. I think you have your Normalize settings off a little bit. Swinging 87-89 mph, there's no way you're getting 190+ yards of carry. May want to look into what ball setting is on, as those numbers do not look right. Unless you have it set to a higher altitude.

RedneckAsian says:

Great review

Neil Bennett says:

Why didn’t you use T100•S as same loft at 32 degrees ??

Brent Wilmot says:

those srixon irons sound SO pure at impact.

Ken M says:

I expected little bite more spin on T100 with weaker loft. Around ~5500 with same shaft.

sx7 had better smash factor then T100. Hmmmmm

Steve C says:

What is the point of a 7 iron that goes 190, you basically have 7 clubs separating out to 300 yards and only 5 clubs below 190 yards where all the scoring is done, a seven iron should be 35 degrees max. If you buy a set of clubs with a 32 or less degree seven iron your basically saying look how far I hit it, the fact I took eight is irrelevant they all went a long way. It’s a game of how many not how far. Why do we see so many iron reviews and so few putter reviews? We use a putter more than any club by a very long way.

Rob Kiltie says:

More ZX7 comparisons please. They are on my short list for 2021. Thank you Michael, love your videos

CJ LaFleur says:

Interesting that the T100 seemed to have the better distance dispersion. There was that one on the ZX7 where you really crushed it and it jumped in distance. I think a player who is thinking about an iron of this type would value this level of distance control.

Steven Sandy says:

Always good work and viewing , nice one Mike ?

GoogleIs YourFriend says:

Interesting video Mike. Can you please schedule the Srixon ZX5 irons vs Mizuno JPX 921 Forged. Thanks.

Alex Nuschke says:

T100s would be my preference. I don't like the squared off bigger topline on the Srixon.

Kevin Hong says:

Should have compared T100s. Also Srixon gives free shaft upgrade options whereas Titleist charges for everything.

Bandit Baker says:

Nice H2H Mike and interesting that the Srixon was flying higher despite having less loft, I wasn't expecting that.

cwugrad396 says:

srixon not cheaper anymore. just saw the prices for when they come out in the us in january. they are now up there with everyone else pretty much.

Greg Carnall says:

Thinking of either ZX7 or JPX 921 forged, which did you prefer out of the two? love the videos.

Jim E says:

I’m in the market for new irons. I’m leaning towards Callaway apex 19 combo but the ZX5/7 combo look awesome! I hear the Srixon won’t be available here until January. I’d love to see a comparison video of the two.

Christian Steensen says:

playing srixon 785, do you think there is reason to upgrade?

Justin Thompson says:

I don’t know why so many people get low spin with Srixon….I’m playing z965 with ctaper 130x and avg 6700 with 7 iron

Justin Thompson says:

I dropped mizuno mp20s for Srixon z965 and haven’t looked back….gained 9yds a club on averaged

jporter504 says:

Like both brands. Glad to see Srixon included. Few others include them in their videos.

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