Understanding the A SWING | Backswing Breakdown

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Standing for “Alternative” the A Swing was created by Coach David Leadbetter. Created for players that have excessive difficulties with a typical swing, the A Swing has proven to be an easy to implement move for many golfers.

Practitioners of the GG Swing Method, a training program composed of George Gankas golf lessons, understand alternatives in their game. Unlike many golf academies, the GG Swing Method seeks to amplify the natural swing of players while working to repair any flawed motion found in their game.

George Gankas golf videos have taken the internet by storm, partly because as a coach George understands that golfers need alternatives from the standard lessons that have been taught for several decades.

Many of golf's greatest players have found success by adopting the A Swing into their game. If you're having issues with your current golf swing, it's worth experimenting with the drills taught in this video.

One of the first areas that players will need to make adjustments in will be how they're currently gripping the golf club during their swings. By setting the handle of their club diagonally over their fingers into their left palm, golfers will then need to rest their grip upon their forefinger. Be sure to hold your golf club lighter than usual, only about 30% as tight as you may usually grip during other swings.

Producing the correct pivotal rotation during an A Swing will be crucial to executing this technique correctly. Taking the address position of your swing, put the club down for a moment and hug yourself tightly, with your spine tilting opposite of your intended target.

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While your upper body muscles rotate backward, you may begin to experience pressure towards your lead heel. Producing a test backswing at this time, your trail shoulder should then rotate towards the turf as your lead hip moves upward.

Unfold your lower body muscle groups while moving your torso away from the intended target line. You should experience the feeling of your body weight transferring to your trail hoot at this point.


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Juan Carlo Pascua says:

Probably one of my favorite golf videos right now. Came for comparison on the A-Swing, left with some great thoughts and a knowledgeable resource that I hope to hear more from.

Toua Yang says:

A swing creat slic on me…

Smurf says:

Such a great example. When I transitioned to this, I started dumping under the plane and over-drawing it, snap-hooking, and huge blocks. I was finally shallowing it, but I couldn’t blend shallowing the shaft along with keeping it on plane. Finally understand why.

Jim Adamski says:

I am sorry but explanation of the A-Swing shown here is way off. The focus is on shallowing the club and and the way it's done here isn't even close to David Leadbetter's method. Two key elements that are wrong here are how the club gets vertical,and how far back the body coils. Sorry but you need to re-read the A-Swing book more carefully.

龍治大内 says:

After all GG is the strongest.

Tony Walker says:

What about the lifting of the left foot on takeaway? Good video nonetheless.

Paul Barrett says:

George does this work for the driver? Thanks 👍

Santiago De Ponce says:

Again someone else teaching upper body upper body upper body

M 85 says:

GG, you are so $$$$. Thanks bro!

Paul Banney says:

Over the plane…? I do that instinctively! I have been fighting that for 18months after a 35 year hiatus trying to hit these new positions everyone talks about. . Everything I see or hear says stay under or on the plane. So I am good to just let it rip slightly over the plane? I love to play a fade also. To this end every time I see Mr. Hogan’s swing I think he is coming over the top. But he isn’t is he…?

PS: the A swing has definitely helped me.

Thanks for all you vids mate they are awesome. Cheers

bill lee says:

Fold hold and turn.

bill lee says:

Whats so great about G is his flexibility to coach multiple forms.
Show me a more fluid coach and ill kiss your ass.
Best in the biz.
They may not all be exact copies of his ideal form but like a good coach he takes what he can get and works from there.
Gotta love it.

bill lee says:

Can we all give Wolff a shoulder rub?
Proud of you buddy.
You paid your dues.
No its your turn.
Go take it now!)
You know how to putt and close now go do it!)
Your cosmic dues have been paid Mr Wolff

Tom Smith says:

game of opposites- club shaft gets vertical going back it will want to shallow naturally on downswing – like forehand in tennis – cheers

JK says:

Using the A Swing, it works

David Capin says:

Would like to see overhead view of club set up positions wedge through driver

Tom Smith says:

what Im working on now – staying in same spot 3 yrs running 8 ghin want better tee to green – played tennis in college internal external like forehand in tennis resonates

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