US Girl’s Junior Amateur| Semifinal Drama |

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G P says:

Lack of skill and dignity!

Jonathan Knight says:

"I would have (given it) but she dragged it right back before I could even look."

sean craig says:

What if the blonde didn't say anything, just let it go, would the officials still jump in and disqualify Moon? Or does the opponent need to protest? Because sometimes the officials are too far away to hear anything.

David Hall says:

At a pivotal moment in the match she should have known to ask for the concession or tap it home. Know your format or loose.

Jake Oswin says:

Part of me thinks that it was wrong for Shepherd to have not give her that putt, because shepherd knows she's won if she's done that, but Moon should not have dragged it away so quickly. Shepherd was a little bit mean to do that and Moon assumed that the putt was given.


n they say golf is a gentleman game, ? … not when a win is on the line. you gone learn today. gotcha

John Fairly says:

Scumbag, she only said it wasn't good because she knew she wouldn't win the match.

Adam Niswonger says:

Both can be true. Moon screwed up by assuming. Shepard was trash for not conceding and then calling her at that moment. You could see the wheels turning before she made the statement loud enough for everyone to hear. Trash.

J Simo says:

Tough one here. I've been in the golf business my whole life. That blond girl knew she could've saved the other one. She knew what she was doing. But also, the other girl knows better. You don't get that good without tons of time spent on the game. They're both at fault, and not at fault. If you're a competitve golfer you know how damn strict the rules are. Like the whole Dustin Johnson scenario at the PGA at Whistling Straights.

Joseph DeVincentis says:

Ouch, hard lesson to learn.

BaffleShaun says:

I don't understand why people are disliking the video lmao.

D Slatt says:

Shepherd did nothing wrong. Moon pulled it back way too soon. She has to at least wait for Shepherd to concede, those are the rules and she learned them the hard way. An instance where emotions ( anger for missing a small putt ) take over and you forget to think about the process. OUT OF RESPECT FOR THE GAME, MOON HAS THE BIGGER OBLIGATION TO LOOK TO SHEPHERD FOR A RESPONSE, SHE CANNOT ASSUME SHEPHERD WILL SAY ANYTHING !!!

Jimmy Carter says:

completely the fault of the girl who dragged the putt away… If she didn't give it to you don't touch it… if I was in the situation where I was looking to go on to the final round on extra holes, I wouldn't give anyone a putt

Andrew H. Golf Georgia says:

Could you find any non-highlight video of the US Junior Amateur (Men's) Tournament.

mr75204 says:

Screw the spirit of the game. It's a competition and you play to win.

dAn says:

The spirit of the game

Not asking your opponent for permission to move the ball in match play is disrespectful to your opponent and the game. Lawlessness wrecks everything in the path.

Latip Rahim says:

Why Moon?. Sheperd should be disqualified too. Unfair.

JH Builds & Tutorials says:

Thus the keyboard warriors have come out to play

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