US PGA Champs….does anyone care? Final Major Preview Live

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US PGA Champs….does anyone care? Final Major Preview Live

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John Ryan says:

If it's only available on sky tv then it means nothing to me, watch very little golf as it simply isn't available to me – but if it's fee paid then I wouldn't watch ?

Adam Walsh says:

A match play major would be great. Start with a field of 128, play knockout on Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Then a straight one round strokeplay for the final 32. That should still have the feeling of a knockout as they will have to be birdie hunting all round

Sixth Sense 60 says:

Not too clever on both counts.. but ok Pete ?

Ethan Hersch says:

the US open should have as man i not more votes than the Open championship because it's played on some of the hardest courses. The Masters definitely is the most exciting, but the pga is still a major and it is the pga of America's flagship event.

Shane bogle says:

I can tell you most Americans don't give a damn about the British open

mike best says:

The PGA Championship should be moved around different Countries maybe ,but it will always be the weaker Major to Golf fans ,but not to the Players .As for a 5th Major NO , Golf needs to keep it to 4, that way players can compare their careers to everyone in history .No to Women being involved ,they have their own Golf and it should stay that way

Trevor Dickie says:

A fifth major in many global markets are going to be a tough draw for the top players in the world though. The Canadian Open struggles to come up with a solid field being after the British Open because players choose to take that week off, and that's only a 5 hour time change.

You put a major in Australia or Japan, somewhere like that, and your top players simply won't go. Considering when you look at the tournament the next week will be $7 million plus prize pool they'll just stay home probably.

Only thing that "might" work would be making the WGC HSBC a major, or playing it around the same time. The time is right it doesn't interfere with any big tournaments in North America. But then it's still tough to move it around too much. Only option is likely Australia or New Zealand.

Chris I says:

While there is a bit of dilution of excitement due to the shear number of golfing events, the PGA at Bellerive is getting huge crowds of fans. I feel its great for those in the area of the tourney who want to see the worlds best, including Rory, DJ and JT and of course Tiger. Is it necessary, probably not but the whole PGA schedule could be pared down anyhow. I'd like to see mixed events, team events and more match play. The move to spring is probably going to work better and open up the late summer for the FedX finals.

Seth DiMaria says:

I agree with making the pga championship a matchplay event, I think that would be awesome, however I disagree with just adding a new major. For starters, it changes history, as we all know golf is very historic which is part of its appeal. Secondly it ruins the title of “career grand slam” for many older players who can no longer play like Gary Player and Jack. There’s no need to change the system and ruin an incredible accomplishment for these legends

happyhornet1000 says:

A better point is why are three out of the four majors in America and why oh why are ALL FOUR "World" Golf Championships played in America, apart from the odd foray to Mexico or China? Where's the WORLD in that??? It's supposed to be a world game, but is so heavily based in America. I know there are great courses in the states and they provide a lot of the sponsorship, but it's supposed to be a world game!! Having 7 out of 8 of the major events in America is unfair to non-US golfers. No wonder the US has so many players in the top 10! Home field advantage every week!

Nicholas Blair says:

Get rid of it and have a world major. Golf is international and there shouldn't be 3 majors in the US.

Paul Shirley says:

The Australian Open use to be considered as the unofficial fifth major at one point

David Easton says:

Terrible move to make it online only. Alienating a large portion of the golf viewing audience. I don't mind the idea myself, but live streaming only is awful if you can't watch live and would rather play back later.

Aaron Bader says:

I don't understand the hate the PGA Champ gets. It's a major. When we talk about how many majors people have we include the PGA. I don't understand why people don't think it matters? It sounds like Brits dislike it the most.

Steven Harrison says:

Hi Pete, unrelated to the general content or quality of your video as that's always excellent but please stop doing shout outs to people from different countries. A shout out is one of the most moronic things in all senses as it only actually means something to the person that has asked for it and if they are not a fourteen year old then even they will surely feel embarrassed and not tell anyone once the 5 second excitement has died down. As for your angle, you broadcast in a manner that allows anyone in the world to listen to you so we get the concept that you will have viewers from different countries but giving people from various countries a shout does not suddenly make everyone realise that YouTube is available in Ireland, Sweden, a US city/state or any other part of the world. You are encouraging idiots to ask for a shout out by giving them a shout out and to be honest your content is better than this.

Apologies for the rant but I hope my criticism is constructive enough to fall within the boundaries of you asking what we want as viewers

charles rogers says:

Three majors in united states is too much no one care about this one to extent and this needs replaced by the international major thats played all over world from australia south africa japan korea spain france and so on the world need a major not three in america althou masters is the best with british open.

Paul Crawford says:

I think the players championship should be made a major because there is always a lot of hype leading up to it and imo it's more exciting that the USPGA also the fact it's played at tpc sawgrass just makes it that bit more special I think.

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