Use THIS Arm Action to Free your Golf Swing

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ZEN Coach Danny takes Barry through a series of drills for him to disassociate his swing a little more than before – allowing him the freedom to release the golf club later, become more adaptable with his swing direction and get some more distance out of his shots!

As always – a huge thanks to Barry for letting us share his ZEN Golf Mechanics experience with you guys.

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Marcus Bell is a registered exercise professional and sports bio-mechanist but any exercises recommended or suggested in this video are performed purely at the individual's own risk.

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Bandit Baker says:

Great Lesson, well done everyone👍👍
And I totally disagree with the previous negative comments regarding cameraman Craig's exclamations and affirmations, personally I would love and be encouraged by his positive encouragements during a lesson👍👍👍👍

graham jones says:

Strangely when ive played with good footballers theyve always had rubbish footwork! i used to send them this of an old man from 80yrs ago,which they ignored! Now i just tell them to watch a Zen video.

Sean Murray says:

The Jedi Master instructors of Zen working their magic!!!! Again!!!!

J West says:

Good lesson…muffle the camera man

hakirk1 says:

Great lesson and video. Do you have any specific drills that can help with finishing and completing our follow through when swinging?

Mr. Walker says:

This thought process of the golf swing is good.

Rand D says:

Do not know what is more annoying, the backgroud noise or the camera man

Paulie Walnuts says:

Too much background chatter but good lesson

Mr Kipling says:

That was superb, both coach and student.

Jim Dearman says:

quality lesson!

Mark Fitzpatrick says:

Another amazing change and tutoring but again the cameraman needs to maybe hold on to his excitement just a little bit so we can hear the coach and the student. Saying “Shot” after every single one is a little off putting.

James Bond says:

This is awesome. Getting my last couple of rounds in before the snow flies!!!! I live in Ontario Canada and am playing tomorrow. I have been following this channel and there is so much good information and things to try. A few have already helped me immensely. Will be using some of these tips on the course tomorrow!! Thanks from Canada!!! You need to do an instruction trip here!!!!!

Robin Beach says:

Fantastic results once again. Simply wow.

jpcoll2011 says:

Too much background noise from the other bays. I am listening to more than two tutors .🤫

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