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Many golfers have a handful of three-putts per round. Today I will show you a great pointer to help you eliminate three-putting. You will notice a tremendous improvement on your score once the three-putts are gone!
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Filmed at Upland Hills CC

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Tommy Saito says:

<—– 4 putter!!! I suck lol . Thank goodness for your lessons ????

C'Ville Cane says:

eighty : twenty; distance : direction. I like that practice drill, putting to the fringe without going off the green.

First Name says:

I've always lightened my grip on fast greens no matter the length of putt.

Daniel Ruby says:

Spring has sprung now I can start putting your tips to work. Thank you Aimee

mbos4115 says:

Guideline for tempo:

1 foot putt = R Kelly
150 yard putt = Eminem

reuk says:

This is gold. Thank you Aimee

EdgeMasterrLoL says:

You're my fav teacher Aimee! I went to play today and managed to correct my driver slice using your 'less hips, more abs' tips! Cant wait to keep in mind your putting techniques for next week 🙂 It feels like your tips are all tailored to my mistakes hahah <3

crazy philly says:

You are Beautiful…❤❤❤❤

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