USPGA Final Round 2008 – Highlights – Harrington wins PGA

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Noel Quigley says:

padraig harrington ,not paddy you ignorant American pri c k.

hubomba says:

Garcia went pinseeking on 16, hence the water ball. 

Ulick Mikkeline says:

His name is Padraig…just because a French guy might be named Pierre, doesn't mean everybody will call him Peter.

Conor McSweeney says:

The Good old Days!

mcmuffinjoyce says:

Yeah I know…I am from Ireland

Doolittlealot says:

He's known here (at least here in Europe/Ireland) as Pádraig, Paddy is an abbreviated form of Patrick which in turn would be the English equivalent.

mcmuffinjoyce says:

Late reply but its Paddy

Dylan Sherry says:

go paddy!!!!!!

Wil treviño says:

4:14 wtf reaction hahah dam that was fast

Diarmuid Newell says:

your better than that guy who slept with all those…oh ya tiger woods

Crohan O'Shea says:

Harrington – What a Legend!!

viola0shredder says:

this course is so hard its not even funny

i played it the week before thetournament, before the rough was cut!. out of everyone who was in the afternoon shotgun, i was the only one to break 90 i had 28 putts and shot 89.

Niall Horan says:

Harrington – Ireland loves you!!

darwent123 says:

obviously not he was playing too bad b4 the turnberry open. he had no chance

pathammond says:

poor JB Holmes :p

Doolittlealot says:

Jesus, that commentator – who's Patty Harrington? C'mon Pádraig get your three British Opens in a row!!

NYPD115 says:

damn right.

Christian Bleck says:

nice fist pump flamer

sepiarien yt says:

The best of luck to you this year!

Eoin Quigley says:

wat fuckin ledge..

D Burke says:

GO ON D IRISH!!!!!!!!

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