USPGA Recap + 20K subs :)

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Steve Buzza and James Pickard talk about Jimmy Walker's first major win at the USPGA Championships and the YouTube channel hitting 20K subscribers 🙂

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Jordan Hazell says:

Pickard spot on

Aussie Taffia says:

Good on ya buzzman.. You deserve more mate.. Let's hope that come to fruition

Suzanne Heffernan says:

Congratulation Steve, I've enjoyed the journey.

Todd Templer says:

Congrats on 20K Subs Steve, it's a big deal. Keep up the good work. Amazing you are working on your school and putting out good content here. Keep up the course vlogs, love the course management tips in them.

Sammy Whammy says:

Gratz on the 20k Buzzman!

Michael STAUDT says:

Congratulations Mr. Buzza ! 20 K is great, next Goal: 50 K ! go for it !

Joakim Fredriksson says:

Yeah PGA was a tad boring, the 36 hole finish without being able to see round 3 certainly did not help

Daniel Cuthbertson says:

Congrats on the 20k!

Bob Wilson says:

Congrats on the 20K Buzza!

cwsiggy77 says:

congrats on 20k!

christopher shepherd says:

I don't get how Jimmy walker is boring … he's a bright guy with a very interesting life outside of golf … and his game is certainly not boring , he hits it long and is a great putter . Just because he doesnt wear flashy clothes or act like a spoiled prick doesn't make him boring …

Ken Attaway says:

Congrats on 20K…a few points: do not like Zach Johnson since the Masters when he thanked Jesus for putting for him…Jimmy Walker is a slogger…but he made it wire-to-wire, so congrats to him…Jason Day made the best eagle on 18 that I have seen in the past 50 years…The Open is the best major, ever…that is, until you or James wins one!!! Cheers…

brendos444 says:

Guys there's no point comparing this year's Open to the PGA. No doubt the Open was a classic. But that was a once in a generation display. The PGA is a major and a fantastic tournament as well. It was still a great event this year with an exciting finish.

TexasTalk1846 says:

Congrats Buzza.

Adam Flynn says:

i like jimmy walker…stargazing isnt boring. ask brian cox! besides i had a small wager on jimmy walker each way at 125/1 with skybet and thats never boring ?

Rick Shiels Golf says:

CONGRATULATIONS BUZZA! You'll be at 50K in no time!

Todd Blake says:

Great format and content. Keep it up Steve.

Donny Wilcox says:

I been really pulling for andy Sullivan every since he played with trash talking crossfield….really wanted see him make a charge on day three and four….he was playing well…do you see him as someone who has it in them to win a major….and for the record I am from united states and honestly he has become my new favorite on tour ….

Seven Seven says:

Loving the 18 hole match play vlogs, what courses are halfway between Honiton and Thailand ?

Richard Walker says:

Bit harsh on Jimmy there Picks. JW is a pretty cool guy, he is just a bit introverted is all. He is a smart guy, who has interests outside of golf that are really cool. He's not a bad boy, but it's golf so what do you expect. There aren't that many true golfing bad boys out there.

Barry Edwards says:

I remember Mr Soft?….. Please look me up Steve if ever your back up this way… Unless you do something silly of course, like Move to China for example??

nolan ring says:

finding dory was not that good. finding nemo was a lot better.


Congrats on the 20k, well deserved! The USPGA was boooring. Stupid final pairing, killed all the suspense.

SP Atkins says:

Enjoy your channel Buzza, keep up the good work. Greetings from Oslo, Norway.

leandrogutierres says:

Agree with Mr. Pickard about Zach Johnson being boring, but a solid player. 🙂

leandrogutierres says:

Rory is getting some Karma on him, cause he's not going to Rio! haha

Paul Batchelor says:

Well done buzzman you deserve it great videos great content and some times great golf ha ha.keep up the great work

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