Versace on the Floor

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Bay Area Choss says:

There's some rock in California very similar to that if you know where to look 😉

7IIJII says:

C'mon man.. no dude.. no just c'mon! Nice vid as always

Tom says:

Siiick. What pants is Daniel wearing? Looking for something to wear outdoor bouldering.

Christopher Weis says:

That was sick!

John S says:

I cant stand watching the mellow productuons stuff. Come on!, come on!, come on!… ruins the videos. So annoying.

Paul Heimweh says:

it would be interesting for what people give the video a dislike? as a hobby? I mean … what ??

Blackbolt09 says:

The guy saying "Everything" at 1:50 sounds strangely unenthusiastic amongst all the other encouragement

Tyson Romero says:

Why can't I buy those Evolv Phantom shoes, Daniel!!!?

edit: Guess I should have Googled it first:) –

Cookie Monster says:

Was the other side of the river when this was done lol on the beach bloc

Boulder The World says:

Good effort! Congrats!

Davide Farina says:

Jimmy talking italian after the send is priceless! "ho dato tutto" (i gave evertthing), "fanculo!" (fuck it!)

Orestis Kal says:

Where is this place, it looks beautiful!

Lodovico Drovanti says:

"Fanculo" Italy is better???

David Healy says:

love the videos! camera work and music is amazing!

Miodrag says:

Any longtime video proj in the making? Would love another 30+ min vid

ClimbingFever says:

when i ask myself why i train and then i see a mellow vid…. let's go again!!!

Max Hardcore says:

I wonder how many times boulderer's say the works "NICE", "C'MON" and "SICK" in their lifetime?

Eric Jerome says:

Boulders aren't allowed to be this sick

Nicolas Bastidas says:

This channel never disappoints. Amazing climbs!

Lorenzo Santi says:

Did jimmy say fanculo?

Matt Schreiner says:


Nick Mosley says:

I love Daniel's "very good's". As a music teacher I can tell he has done a lot of teaching/coaching. That, or he's just a wholesome supportive dude.

Aidan Loeser says:

Pretty incredible when a boulder that hard can be done with such different betas

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