Viktor Hovland Swing: Ugly or Pure? And What YOU Can Learn!

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In this video, Steve analyzes the golf swing of Viktor Hovland, who despite being rather unorthodox, is incredibly solid in the delivery zone.

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TrojanMars1 says:

Proves unorthodox (a la Furik) is a good thing! 😳

sonny marks says:

This is what I’m being thought by my coach it’s simply Physics most people think you hit slices comming in low an left but if you’re on the right path it’s simply rotate hard as you want assuming your face is square

Average American says:

This is more proof that club face angle in relation to the swing path at impact is probably the most important part of the golf swing.

Christopher Williams says:

I think it works and that's what matters to me

Joe Marquard says:

I think an important aspect of his swing is the moving of his head off the ball in the backswing. This enables him to rotate behind the ball while moving the handle left and getting the golf club perpendicular to the target line at impact and produce a powerful follow through. Does this make any sense?

Golfermanjim says:

He learned this swing from watching YouTube videos😉It’s his swing and he is going to win multiple majors. The way that he moves his head, reminds me a lot of Ben Crenshaw’s head movement.

Gregg Jackson says:

This is the proper over the top swing most of the greats swung the club. Inside, up and slightly over the top downswing…unfortunately, modern day swing coaches teach the opposite which has screwed up many people trying to play good golf in my opinion. Christo Garcia is doing an entire series on his channel "my swing evolution" I recommend checking out. God bless!

Sir TogII says:

We're gonna see a hell of a lot more young pro's with similar moves. Not the positions but the massive use of ground forces which explains his head movement.

OnTheSnap1 says:

I think the home plate baseball look at impact is a result of no tension in his arms as they sling around his body. The forearm is lagging behind the upper arm as his trunk continues to accelerate. It doesn’t catch up until his trunk starts slowing down. Milo Lines even mentions this is a desired no tension look. Also the bend in the arm (like Speith) helps keep the club face more stable.

Hutzman76 says:

It’s not a fluke that he’s one of the best players in the world. Refreshing to see a “classic” swing.

Ron Mullard says:

personally looks/pretty don't bother me …it's the result that matters…if I could swing like that and get similar results I;'d be well happy….or even Jim Furyk's swing ….to many want pretty …I prefer results…

Golden Gate says:

It’s pure… and he pimps that right side bend … great timing of this post …

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