VLOG Back Nine, GARY PLAYER’s secret Ballstriking move

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Building Your REACTIONARY Golf swing

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Nikki Martin says:

I've seen people with terrible swings shoot better than par. It's all short game and course management for them.

Tony Tanti says:

Tell that hack to hit a 1000 balls a day for a year and he might be decent

Bob Murphy says:

More vlogs please. I had rotator cuff surgery and probably won’t be able to play again until February. I regularly play the Long Beach courses so I’m living through your videos! Thanks.

David Musall says:

Brendon, your playing partner needs to do some stretching to loosen up his shoulders. Yoga would benefit him tremendously. He's too tight. Uses too much arms in the swing. He picks the club up with his hands on the takeaway. Ball bound. Looks like he's chopping at a snake! Shoulders are rounded too much at address. Pull those shoulders back and let the arms hang. If he learns to turn better he'd let the arms be more passive.

Bob Josefson says:

Another great vid, I do think there should be a "tour" ball and a amateur ball, golf courses are running out of room, if we make the courses longer or more difficult..amateurs won't be able to play them

Danielsan says:

13.45 drive… I'm not sure, but your feet aim more to the left and therefor the drive ends up to be great and not to the right….. It was a slight push fade… Just guessing ?

Danielsan says:

He is taking the club up to steep and hands/arms behind him. Difficult to get back to the ball. Requires to much timing

Alex Paul says:

Also I’m much better at focusing on line off the green. It always goes where I aim so if I hit the right speed I have a good chance of making it. It also helps to tell yourself, “I’m good at this”

Alex Paul says:

I would tell him to get comfortable swinging with the right and left independently. Do 50 on each side and focus on being comfortable while standing over the ball.

Brend Carbonati says:

Yes the ball needs to be scaled back. Interestingly ,on David Fehertys recent show/podcast louis oosthuizen made comments that some classic courses have been degraded due to the modern golf ball.

Morten Stahlschmidt Møller says:

What you are trying to do looks kind of like the A Swing.

Jay Silva says:

I'd tell that guy as a feel to try to keep his hands as far away from his body as he can during his backswing if that makes sense. And as a drill I'd show him Monte's 3 part perfect backswing drill.

In regards to your fringe putting. Maybe its just as simple as the flagstick being in. If you have a solo 9 hole, putt all of your putts with the flagstick in and see if that changes anything.

aaron petersen says:

Putting was looking on point. The last drive looked like you paused just a split second longer to make the better transition. Didn't look as rushed as the blocks. And like you, I love to putt from the fringe. I think your more aggressive due to the thicker grass and you always seem to give it a chance to get to the hole.

greg h says:

-Good looking setup besides R arm
-Pretty decent pivot in early downswing
-early backswing looks pretty good but would advise a more "hands in, club out" approach rather than "hands out, club out" feeling
-Left side bend at the top of the backswing is nice
-Sharp looking shirt

-LH grip is very weak and a bad matchup for current swing
-L arm externally rotated at setup
-Club is so steep at the top he is forced to dump the club behind him (anti malaska) opening the face further
-Early extension caused by necessary late shallowing to just make contact (also opening the face)
-This forces a massive flip and a low point well behind the ball in attempt to expose/square the clubface
-Swing direction too far to the right

-Strengthen left hand grip (3 knuckles aprox) and at setup get right elbow tucked into the side, left elbow at target
-Get club more "on plane" from the top. Left arm internal rotation after hand are waist high (beginning of takeaway is fine)
-Get swing direction to feel like its going left (maybe good idea, maybe not. really just depends on player and will require trial and error)
-And play more golf! We all suck lol

Mitch Y says:

looking good brandon, just noticed you still clinch your teeth quite a bit during your teeth, have you tried talking during your swing to help relax yourself?

Ben says:

Hi Brendan

With that last part of your video and the square takeaway. Check out the YouTube channel by Terry Bradley called Simple Swing Thoughts 2/6 Golfer. He teaches that with a few added set up moves. Grip and posture

Sydney Australia

Kevin Bostwick says:

So what exactly is the secret? Dont be one of those click bait title channels now to get your ad revenue. You said it yourself it was tough to find, then you mention it and dont give the tip.

Rodney Blackwell says:

My tip for the other golfer is on a scale of 1 to 10 make your grip pressure 1. He is all body and if you suggest to guys like that to make the grip as soft as possible it makes it much harder to manipulate club and muscle the club. They will most probably still grip too tight.

Birdie Gof says:

Your success from the fringe is probably because you're accelerating the putter a little more aggressively so as not to leave it short due to the fuzzy first cut…that would be my guess.

Viking Alle Wåhlin says:

Yes, I think they need to scale down the golf ball and also be very specific about what the golf clubs can do.
I think this is necessary because at some point we can't make the courses longer.

10541 says:

Brandon, are you testing a new Driver? Any decision yet

Mr Kipling says:

Your swing is coming along great B. Like the Gary Player move, makes sense in keeping the hands and shaft more on plane.

Les Murray says:

Roll back the ball and restrict club COR to .85

As to your friend – I'd get him to toss balls underhand and throw clubs as a way to get the feel for loading and releasing. He is all hands and arms.

Daniel January says:

The guy with you looks like he stands really close to the ball, maybe that's a posture issue but his swing doesn't look like he's able to really put any muscle on it because he's focusing on staying on the ball. Maybe give yourself some space from the ball to allow for athletic movements. I could be 10000% wrong but that's just what I saw haha

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