Want to hole more putts? Just do THIS!!!!

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Want to hole more putts? Just do THIS!!!!
Rick Shiels enlisted the Worlds Best Putting coach – Phil Kenyon to provide really easy putting tips to help you improve quickly!
Phil coaches some of the best players in the world including Justin Rose, Rory McIlroy, Henrik Stenson, Tommy Fleetwood, Francesco Molinari and many many more! Phil really is the BEST putting coach in the world!

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Rick Shiels Golf says:

Q: RATE your putting ability out of 10! (1 being really bad – 10 being superb tour level)

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Tarquin B says:

I’m wondering if the pros should start saying the “average golfer” or something , rather than the “amateur “ golfer , surely most golfers have no intention or skills to become a pro , so giving advice should be on a average skill level rather than a golf pro level , hope that makes sense, does to me

Sean Diviney says:

Nice exercises n tips. Thanks Rick & Phil

Kevin Greig says:

How do you determine the initial line of the putt?

Wiger Toods says:

I’m really good at leaving the putt a couple inches short.

natgolfpro1 says:

Love the shoes, too bad you cant find them anywhere Rick

Johnnatheman says:

Great tips. I especially like your drill for tip 3. I was playing one time and my buddy said it was going to break left to right. I looked at it and to me it looked like right to left. Sure enough, it was like he said. So I have been having trouble reading the break sometimes. This is the best tip for reading that I have come across. I have seen golfers at times straddling their line between their ball and the hole, sometimes walking a couple of steps towards the hole, and then again, and have always wondered what they were doing. Now I'm sure this is it.

collin mccray says:

I enjoy putting. And practicing it to. Hours I've spent. But before I watch your video with posture and setup. My back would get stiff from practicing it the wrong way. When I get comfortable with my arms hanging and forearms square. It feels natural. I've also for so many years used a old ping putter that my dad gave years ago. It's was a 36" for he is quit tall at 6'3. I am 5'10 so once I saw your video of eyes just inside the ball it forced me to short in my stick. To a 33" putter. Years have went by trying to hole putts the wrong way. But thanks to you and instructional videos I am going in the right direction and now have something to measure and build off of..

Kimo sabe says:

practice, Practice and practice, But any mental guidelines on how to judge the distance/speed for uphill and downhill putts? Simple to say but how to do?

Dyllan Floyd says:

Love your videos Rick, great drills!

LOT4_m1767 says:

Best way to hole more putts? hit the ball into the hole. job done

Jesse Vardaman says:

My rating? 3. I can have a chance at birdie or to save par and still walk off the green having 3 or 4 putted from inside 3 feet.

Jasmy Shahdi says:

I dont putt…i will chip to the hole

Micky Davies says:

Putting is hardest part but we think its the easiest lol…. definitely my weak spot

Anonymous Salamander says:

Great video. To add one more thing to how to read break, you need to know whether the straight put is uphill or downhill.

Downhill putts will always break more because the ball is rolling slower (because you have to hit them with less force to get them to the hole), so the other forces that act on the ball, such as gravity, wind, and grain, have more of an effect on the ball. On uphill puts, you have to hit the ball with more force to get it to the hole, so the other forces have less of an effect on the ball, so you can read less break on uphill puts.

DreamTyper_YT says:

5. You rock

EscalanteFlyFlipper says:

Putting is a visual skill. Find the line and then align the body. Then it’s Zen. Tell the body to find the speed as you look at the hole and stroke it.

In basketball the best players don’t get to measure the distance with a tape measure then walk it off then take a few flips of the ball then shoot it. The hoop is tiny relative to the ball size. Maybe it’s 28 feet two inches or it’s 28 feet 9 inches. The mind finds it. Trust the mind to find the distance.

Rationale: the PGA stat is over 99 % inside 3 feet. That’s a six foot circle with the pin in the center. Find it, stroke it.

Everything else is mechanical. What to putt terribly? Think mechanics while putting.

If your playing great and I’m not that day don’t be surprised that I ask you a mechanics question to level the playing field.

David White says:

The fact that your don't edit missed putts illustrates your humble professionalism without ego. From one teacher to another… well done and thank you for connecting and empowering your viewers.

Timothy DS says:

Question: is it legal in a match to place a ball back on the green with it's alignment line pointed at the hole … or is this only allowed in training?

Darryl Parkinson says:

Rick, I just wanted to thank you for all the great videos over the years. It's your enthusiasm that really wants me to get to the range or course and practice what I have learned from your videos. Keep going mate, you're a class act.

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