Watch your golf club back swing path not the ball!

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Patrick Wheeler says:

100%. Used to worm burn and top balls like a champ eerrrr. Chump. Started roller skating the head one piece watching my back swing and went from crappy shots 1-3 to 1-9 with this strategy. I can now par multiple times in a row.

jaxortjackie05 says:

Bottom line, gotta line up right so that club on the takeaway is on the correct path. Relative to the target. Tilting your head and eyes messes up the takeaway.

JLC JLC says:

I tried this. It’s a strange feeling not to look at the ball on the backswing. On the down swing I found that I was only turning my head enough to find the ball again. I think I was really staying behind the ball because my contact was flush. I try to swing through the ball feeling like my shoulders are closed and this technique seemed to help with that. Nice draw ball flight. Never thought about doing this even though I do it on my practice swings. I wonder if turning my head back is keeping me from lifting on the backswing too. Thx.

Wal says:

Bobby Lopez, it's possible you're making some assumptions about eyesight you don't know you're making.

vegetony says:

Bobby Jones also had his head positioned as if looking behind the ball during his backswing. It probably also aids in keeping the head behind the ball at impact.

Johns says:

Thank you Bobby .I must of watched your videos hundreds of times and it genuinely has transformed my game.i was getting totally confused with all the different instruction on the net and I nearly gave up the game .really appreciate what you are doing for all the weekend amateurs like me.


Bobby, do you watch the club on the way back?

David Laffin says:

They don't look at the club path..they all look at the ball. You can turn your head and still look at the ball!

Brad Johnson says:

The Sergio comment is awesome Bobby

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