We Buy These Golf Clubs EVERY TIME WE SEE THEM

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We find golf clubs everywhere from flea markets, garage sales, pawn shops and thrifting but whenever we find these golf clubs we can’t resist buying them!

Our Store On Mercari: https://www.mercari.com/u/158091773

Coupon code for Mercari: https://merc.li/wbpvnXCrb

Our Favorite eBay Golf Store: https://ebay.us/nI3VjE

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Fishing friends here's the link to our latest video on Stacked Fishing: https://youtu.be/XKvl1AA91ks

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Hey there, thanks for checking the Stacked Golf YouTube channel! We’re Jon and Ashley, a husband and wife team of amateur golfers looking to share our love of the game with our viewers. Our goal is to inspire more golfers along with people who have never played before to get out on the golf course and have fun regardless of their age, budget, or skill level.

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We find all kinds of golf deals at garage sales, thrift store, flea markets, auctions, online marketplaces, and more to show that you don’t have to spend a lot of money to start playing golf or upgrade your current golf bag. Along with our thrifting adventures, we specialize in reviewing the cheapest golf gear, gimmick clubs, As Seen On TV golf clubs, crazy training aids, and more to see if they are worth checking out to improve your golf game. You will also find course vlogs, golf challenges, and budget golf course reviews from our travels. We both love the game of golf and want to share our adventures with you.

Here’s a little about us: While most kids were watching cartoons, Jon was studying the Golf Channel to learn how to play and improve his golf game. He spent most of his childhood on the golf course and loves trying out new golf clubs and gear. Jon also loves to fish and kayak. If he could he would spend all his time on the golf course or catching giant bass.

Ashley is a beginner golfer with no athletic background whatsoever before attempting to pick up the game of golf. Her unnatural ability to read the green has made her a great putter but the rest of the game is still a work in progress and we hope you enjoy watching her improve on the channel. She is also known for finding incredible deals and unique finds both online and at thrift stores and garage sales. Along with golfing and budget shopping she also enjoys trying out and creating new recipes and using Jon as her taste testing guinea pig.
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Common Man says:

It is really relaxing having a cup of coffee and watching them on a course having fun. By the way, that course looked pretty decent.

James Smith says:

Another comment from the web

Niagara Joe says:

“Free tacos for a year!” 👀 👀

r5p14in says:

Shout out flatbread tacos

ksharpe10 says:

Oh wow those HOGAN"S are GOLD, those are one of the classic's that they built. PC.

Karen C says:

Hit the Trifecta … mention #3 for Stacked Golf (at least that I’ve heard) on Rick Shiels podcast (he’s got nearly 2Mil followers I believe)

Joel Copeland says:

I love the Cleveland Launcher drivers… My son and I hit them well…

Elliot Mock says:

Still wondering what unusual landscaping that guy makes

Scrunchychingo says:

Are there any TP Mills putters y’all need to complete your collection? I just made a decent haul, even a TP Mills chipper(Ashley). If I have something you need, you can have it.

Ryan Moore says:

Forgot how much I missed the food segments 😆

falconjgc says:

You guys should do more alternate shot videos!

Marty Knowles says:

Ashley is a genius! Daiwa made the best graphite shafted clubs back in the 80's and 90's because they were so good at making fishing rods. They were way ahead of the times.

Dave A says:

I tried the loaded chicken flatbread tacos because of your review.
Thanks for the recommendation on something unrelated to the content. Love the channel, keep up the good work.

Mike Ribbing says:

Love seeing you guys get a shout out on the last Rick Sheils video!!

Alain Porter says:

Taco Bell!!! 🤣

Stuart Barclay says:

Lol great ending 👍

B Shep says:

you need to make some fishing videos again…

Jim Townsend says:

I think that's the first time I've seen Jon hit a bad shot, or as we call them, a "Jim". So, when that ball hits the water, does a crank bait come out with rubber covers on the hooks?
I should be golfing next week, after that long layoff to get my hip replaced. Even if I hit a lot of "Jim" shots, I'm not going to care, because I'll be golfing! It literally has been several years since I have been able to play like I used to, but now with the new and improved bionic hip, I'm hoping to get back to my old game. Wish me luck, and open a bottle for me with you new bar tools!
Love you kids! Jim

Bryan Estabrooks says:

Best last line ever in a Stacked Golf video! That’s because it’s a fishing rod! Timing is everything!

Michael Hinojosa says:

I love your channel, but Taco Bell is garbage. Find a taqueria.

Paxson Miller says:

I spy those Nike Vapor irons in the bag, one of my favorites ever!

Michael Resnick says:

Are you always using the same brand and model ball when you test the clubs?

SonicFXDoug says:

Do you guys ever find Browning 440?

Robby Hamblen's Cringe Golf says:

I think free tacos is a fair trade for doing some free advertisement for Taco Bell. 😉

The Drone Operator says:

Yooo!! You got a @rickshiels shoutout! My two favourite golf channels can we get something together ???

Leon Henderson says:

Loved your reactions to free Taco Bell for a year 😂 and loved your last shot b4 ending the video 😂 😂 😂

Samuel Schultz says:

I do unusual landscaping on the Indian River.

Tyler Haas says:

Agreed on the flatbread tacos being well worth it.

Interested Bystander says:

#1 market to buy fleas, perhaps?

Jay Stephens says:

Love seeing you back on the course!

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