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IMJack YT says:

Foot golf because I play there

paul ellery says:

I would recommend Clevedon Golf Centre overlooking the Bristol channel , it is a par 57 18 hole course , it has 3 par 4 and 15 par 3 , winter mats for teeing off , it costs £10 , no need to book , on a very windy day it can be a very testing golf course .

GONADSable says:

A gateway into golf (love it )
Great for all the family and good to practice your short game ,What a bargain price

Mike Southam says:

Nairne Golf Club (9 hole course) in the Adelaide Hills, South Australia, Australia for $10 AUD is easily the best bang for buck in South Australia

Christopher Christoforou says:

"Just like the greens on a golf course"! 😆🤣

Thegamingmonkey says:

This is iford a nice course as well as foot golf and crazy golf

Aussie rocket eats says:

I pay only A$120 for a six month membership at my course here in Australia… cheap as chips mate

dale brede says:

most fun for a good price is country week golf in Western Australia $75 aus for 5 games at premium golf courses in Perth.
Great prizes great people great courses Just great fun

Lexx White says:

One of our favorite local clubs has an 18 hole par 72 and an 18 hole par 61. The short course has 11 par 3s and 7 par 4s, the longest is 300 yards and the shortest is 75. Great little course for iron and wedge practice, newer golfers, kids etc. To walk the 18 holes is $10-$16 depending on time of day.

NellyG 79 says:

Gonna guess the blue flags are for Footgolf as I have a similar small course near me that also has blue flags which is a Footgolf course.

James Walker says:

Which course is this please?

colin tennant says:

I saw CR7 but none the less still a brilliant video

pstiff says:

This will be tough to beat. Emerald Downs GC in Port Macquarie is $25 Aussie dollars per 18 hole round. That’s £13.30. Par 70 5181m

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