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How far do you hit your 8 iron? For many club golfers a fantastic iron strike would result in 150 yards! HOW ABOUT HITTING YOUR 8 IRON 220 yards PLUS?!

This is crazy! Witnessing 140 MPH WITH DRIVER AND OVER 200 MPH BALL SPEED is the fatstest I have ever seen a driver swing! Hitting driver crazy distances.

How do yo hit driver longer and increase your club head speed? Well this is HOW!

Coming up today
1. Taking on the 220 yard challenge with 8 iron
2. Dave’s full driver spec a specialist long driver driver.

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AlexElliottGolf says:

This is CRAZY!!! hitting 8 iron OVER 220 yards 😳 I hope you enjoy

Marcus George says:

A great video Alex. Simply Awesome! Question for you, which may help myself and others is how tall was the gents you had and approximate weight? Height can help obviously, however it can also reduce control to some degree. If you miss hit a long drive it could end up on the next fairway…. 👍😎🇦🇺

Zendukai says:

Bloody hell our hole 9 I have to use a driver and thats 200m up hill though…. fn 8 iron…. 200m……. I am old lol

Cybek Cusal says:

You guys should play a round and upload it

Jon M says:

Wow. 220 yard 8 iron. WTF!! Seriously impressive.

Wayne Park says:

Driver, and may not make it then! Awesome 👍.

Steve Batty says:

Thinners are winners but not when it’s 3 degrees!

Steve Batty says:

3 wood for me 8 iron 150 ish

Brad B-rad says:

8 iron= 160. If hit real well 165-170

Kham Kenchanh says:

WoW! That is crazy Alex😁😁😂. All i want is to hit my 8i 160 yds consistently and i cannot even do that in my dream lol. These guys are just in the league of their own. Always amazing to watch them compete. You should have him drive a 425 yd hole sometime when the temp is warmer.😁 Thanks for sharing about the equipments. Btw, what is the max shaft length for the long drive player? Thanks!

ultimatejay says:

No one can beat Kyle- he has 230mph ball speed!

John Bell says:

That was fun! I think ball compression is probably affected by the cold and he’d have gotten more yardage in warmer air.

Simon Read says:

8i for me probably 150 , this guys a beast 🤩

Blaze Can says:

Okay, I'm mightily impressed. Must be weird hitting it into a different time zone. Thank you.

Anth 123 says:

Brilliant vid. What does this guy play off?

Dave Benford Golf says:

Awesome day Alex, really appreciated the opportunity! Hope everyone enjoys 😁🏌️‍♂️💨

John Letters says:

Great video

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