Wedge Bounce with Roger Cleveland

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joefnd says:

Where in the world was this shot at? It is a BEAUTIFUL PLACE!

e james says:

saracen went out and bought up all the solder in the county and put a good big drop back there. And man…..he had that shot down.

Raymond Yadusky says:

Just found this. Great video, Kudos for getting to film with Roger Cleveland!

Norm Hodge says:

Very informative from a wedge guru…..I never new the wider the sole the less bounce you need and the narrower the sole the more bounce. Thanks for sharing this video.

GrandmasterN says:

Imagine one day, a club made my Roger Cleveland and Bob Vokey… in union! That would be some sweet wedges!

Roxy Bailey says:

Brilliant video…'skid plate' now i understand!

rnagic says:

why would you EVER want a club that raises the leading edge off the ground? good shots come from clean contact and you cant improve your contact if you are trying to hack the club into the turf a half inch behind the ball and dragging the "bounce" part of the wedge across the ground. this kind of coaching prevents people from improving. why did you even upload this buzz?

Mediocre Golfer says:

All very well talking about a skid plate and hitting behind the ball , but it's a different story on a hard pan links fairway or a compacted bunker

Adam Flynn says:

spot on…bounce is only any use if u use it (guilty) lots of bounce on my SW (14) but much less on my LW (6) GW is (10) but i do find myself letting that leading edge trip me up at times.

Mark Scott says:

Good video despite the rather abrupt ending.

Mark Hedetniemi says:

I never tire of listening to Roger Cleveland talk about wedges. Good stuff, Mr. Buzza!

Pittgolfer13 says:

Good informational video Buzz thanks for sharing.

Todd Hartman says:

fantastic video with the man himself!

HowNotTo says:

How many times do you think Crossfield would have interrupted him? Great video Buzza.

Dairniel says:

I was expecting a keepy-uppy video 🙂 I have a Cleveland 56,10 and I am very happy with it.

Vici Martynov says:

Great video, love my wedges and you dont get that much info on them that you can actually understand. Good to have it from the horse's mouth 😉

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