Welcome to the FaMily, Rory

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Maria Dyke says:

new clubs working well

VWRabbit2008 says:

Should say we paid Rory xxx,xxx,xxx,xxx

Joshua Cassin says:

if its so good rory then why have u missed so many cuts in the past month

AC says:

Nice video quality? From 1982? Pathetic.

tatchy1001 says:

Callaway Epic is the no1 selling driver of 2017

Bob A Booey says:

Funny that he plays Taylormade and wears Nike.

Eli Arnold says:

wait so he is off nike now? did he switch or did something happen?

Mike Yang says:

It's a very traditional shit. What is that means..?

jpracingph says:

Adidas just sold their golf business for 425 million.
That's basically Taylormade.
Will he still be with them after the sale?

james bower says:

Good to see Nike photo bombing everything

james bower says:

Very traditional shit with Nike logo getting most of the attention

von volts says:

hopefully a green jacket will be in the near future for ya, congrats Rory!

Dark Helmet says:

If only your san diego facility wasnt so GODDAMN EXPENSIVE, seriously guys, your competitors (callaway, titleist) do fittings for less than a QUARTER of the price of yours. Why spend all that money for the same experience, when they both make equally good equipment.

pavandeep sittre says:

What a load of bullshit. Clubs between all the top brands are all the same

Taro Ishihara Balducci says:

man 360p! are you kidding me?

Anthony Hopkins says:

No wonder clubs are so expensive when they pay out this crazy amount of $$ for sponsorship to guys who already earn millions. We all pay in the end when buying clubs

Harry Byrne says:

what putter is he using

TZOID08 says:

So he takes a stab at Titleist Pro V1-X to start his new 100 Million dollar love affair with TM….. Classy

Brian Schweitzer says:

We shouldn't make golf easy, where is the drama and intrigue if golf is easy for the best players

Jon Robbins says:

funny, you said all the same things when You were playing Nike?

Christian Leon says:

Love TaylorMade, but love Rory as much. Im happy that he's on the team, but then again, not really.

Chris L says:

congrats on the payday Rory. You've had your time in the spotlight and now that the majors have dried up gotta think about the future.

Ben Eckenrod says:

You knowww Nike is cackling over the fact they're all over this ad

Joshua Cassin says:

bulllll shit

CG Mat says:

Will be interesting to see where the price of TM stuff goes now….££££

Eric Hinds says:

Little bit americano accent creeping in there Graham

Maximiliano Castellanos says:

What irons is Rory playing

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