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Wow, the Kingdom is pretty much a big playground for golf fanatics. They have just about every club/shaft combo you could ever want. If you're 3 degrees flat, they will bend the club right there so you can see how it feels.

Mike fell in love with the 16.5 degree M2 3 wood. He was ripping it. I gained almost 20 yards with my driver switching to the M1 10.5 degree vs my M2 9.5 degree. The M1 irons were great, I was seeing about 10–15 yards over my current PSi Tour irons.

We also met an LPGA tour player, Emily Tubert who was also doing a fitting. Be sure to follow her on Instagram/Twitter and leave her a comment saying you want to see her play a round with us. Please & thank you!

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AlbrtoEntertainment says:

How much is the cost for the fitting?

Matt Leader says:

Could spend a few pounds in that shop…
What shafts were in the woods boys ??

Jonathan Holden says:

your chin straps are incredible.

dhsieh911018 says:

it's "kuro KA-GAE" not kuro CAGE…

Sud Man says:

Bucket list stuff right there!!!?

Trap Magic says:

You guys really need a Putting lesson, your path with the Putter goes outside in the backswing, then you cut through it which create that side spine which you don't want in Putting. However nice video

Coleman Orenstein says:

Emily played on big break a few seasons back! Good player

oaklandpaving says:

fantastic, only in america, in the UK we got scruffy little indoor pro fitting screens where the machine always tells you that you hit it well, whereas you can physically see a result at kingdom giving an understanding of your fitting, great ,wish I was there they wouldnt get rid of me.


How much did that cost for the fitting?

Maria Dyke says:

I give taylormade 18 months before they go bust

Tom Dargle says:

Great video, very nice bag…i need to find it

Kobe Tucker says:

I do like the music though??

chrispkreme says:

Marko your license plate always makes me laugh. Love it

Tyler Egan says:

Such a cool look into the kingdom! You guys are killing it with your videos and stoked to see the new clubs in action

David Boddy says:

Watched your video a while ago on the Kirkland ball and enjoyed it but hadn't watched much sine, then saw Peter Finch played with you and now have watched 5 videos today, good quality and content, very enjoyable, like how you have the camera behind the ball and can see the flight, keep up the good work, cheers from Australia.

Kyle Puzzo says:

Pretty sure I could spend days upon days there..

Chippy's Game says:

Been subscriber of Peter Finches for awhile now, he mentioned you guys and couldn't resist to watch you guys! Awesome stuff guys!! I was at the Kingdom back during the AG Spanos tour days when I got fitted for everything, TP MB blades 425 driver, V Steel 3 wood, gun metal wedges, you made the old man proud today!!

a2fitness says:

i could play in your 4some any day. 2 great guys !

Jordan Austin says:

My dream is to go to the kingdom of golf! Enjoy yourselfs out there!!!

Joseph Collins says:

Woah guys I'm guessing my invitation is stuck in the mail … I know y'all wouldn't leave me out…

Phillip St Clair-Holmes says:

Hello from Australia, I've been a fan of Peter Finch for years & discovered you through his Vlog, I have to say that you have an excellent channel ,great filming & content. keep up the good work! Thanks.

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