What a year of golf lessons can do…

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Quest For The Open – Vlog 108 – In this video me and Dan Whittaker talk through the improvements to my swing over the last year + I get a big drop of Adidas gear!

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I deliver straight talking, easy to follow, honest, professional, calculated advice to all of my viewers from beginner to tour pro. This tried and tested method of coaching has helped many golfers achieve their personal goals and beyond.

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Mads Skinbjerg says:

Good Luck with this Pete. It looks good. Looking forward to following you in 2018!

Bandit Baker says:

Interesting to see the breakdown of the swing changes you have made with Dan`s coaching. At times looking at your new swing I wasn't sure whether it was looking at you or Paul Casey! Very impressive, but you do need hit the gym looks like there has been a few too many mince pies!

Tyler Egan says:

You don’t have enough clothes Pete…??? The Adidas gear suits ya!

MrJoshthenosh says:

the new swing looks like a tour pros

Kevi Shaw says:

Pete if your finished with your old swing Al have it ?

Colin Halpin says:

Pete – with you it is surely all about consistency….as we all know you have always been able to hit fantastic shots. It is now about this new swing being able to do it ‘under the gun ! ‘

I think it looks like it will be very good

Best of luck for new season – looking forwards to see how you go.

Brendan Hanley says:

Wow. Great work on the swing. As someone new to golf, it was really interesting to see you both analyse the results. Very smooth and clean swing by the way

Lips Ha Ha says:

I like your smooth swing. Goood! After watching your swing, I can hit balls better for a few minutes.

Dean Brayshaw says:

Interesting lesson, not so sure on the adidas gear this year

David Abrial says:

Great improvement. Works at any level of play. From 10 months (the begginer I am) to decades I see.
Would love to have that kind of equipment AND expertise near Paris.
Thanks a lot for your time and dedication to our shared passion.

H Wallace says:

I'm actually going for a swing analysis tomorrow. It'll be comical compared to your old swing, and down right ridiculous to the new and improved. But, hey. You gotta start somewhere. I have too been going to the gym, and did get some new shirts the other day. So, at least I'll look alright walking in. Hahaha

Raza Khan says:

DAN is a great coach , youve been fortunate to be able to work with him… great swing changes , spot on.. and the ne swing and ball flight looks very very good !

Rodney Mounsey says:

Swings looking better than ever, The Open Championship here we come, can I caddy?

mArsch Hans says:

The gym is the best in silly Season ???

Morris Gallo says:

Good work Pete!!!! Looking really strong and solid swing.

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