What Happened To Jason Day? | A Short Golf Documentary

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After reaching the highest peak of the sport Jason Day's career has slowly slipped away, with no wins in 3 years, what's happened to Jason Day?

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Rob DeYoung says:

Can you talk faster??

David Gonzalez says:

Lives just north of Westerville. Great guy. Wish him the best!!!

G Road says:

I stop watching golf when Tiger stopped winning then JDay came to the scene. Now I only watch the LPGA. Hope Jason regain his winning days again. Best of luck to him.

encinobalboa says:

Jason has back problem which affects his range of mobility and his timing. It is the worst chronic issue to have in golf.

mkr4922 says:

One of my favorite players to watch because his shot playing and his personality…

The Halls Of Valhalla says:

What does Brandel say about John Rahm's short backswing? Tool.

Sherlock Golf says:

👎🏻 Keep missing olímpics!! 🤷🏻‍♂️👀

Eggs Mann says:

He'll be alright, just needs to lay off the dranken beers.

William Murphy says:

Jason, I really want you to get healthy again. I have had many obstacles' in my life as well. You have inspired myself along with so many other people.
Your body is very resilient. Keep working hard with balance, and enough sleep and eat healthy. You can be very happy, the competition is much better. I know you will love it.
I miss your game and I know many others do as well. One last thing pick-up the book " The Great Tao " by Dr. Stephen T. Chang. This book should you read it all the way through. I think, you will find many things to help you understand how to possible fix your focus and balance in the juggling of sport and life. Best wishes, Bill Murphy, Redwood City, CA.
Also, If you are in town someday lets play around if you have the time? Afterwards, my wife and I will take you out to dinner. Just a Thought. Hang – Tough Jason.

Steve Radcliff says:

He feel asleep waiting to take his own next shot? Great guy and golfer still. Just boring to watch him.

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