What is Golf Shaft Torque: What Torque Should I Use?

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What is Golf Shaft Torque: What Torque Should I Use? (Golf's #1 Lag Instructor)

In this video we will go over what Torque is, as it pertains to the golf shaft. We will also talk about what torque shaft may be good for you in your golf game.

Good luck with your golf game!
Clay Ballard

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Golf Shaft Torque”

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TERRY82014 says:

hey Rotrary,
I have a question about the general torque number. when you mean high
torque you meant higher number right? when i look at the shaft specs the
stiffer the shaft is the lower the torque it is. I am confused.

RotarySwing.com Golf Instruction says:
millzinc3 says:

We dont get the same equipment that the tour guys get we don’t know the
numbers on there shaft the weight or anything like that……….thats why
tour clubs cost 3000 and of the rack cost 300 and they could look the same
there not ……….good video Clay never thought about torque

Joshzilla1979 says:

Prorobo, the only player I know of that uses VTS Red is Graham DeLeat. On
the other end of the scale, Webb Simpson uses VTS Black. 

westonp80 says:

what’s a “still tip?”

prorobo says:

I’m confused. I read that the ProForce VTS Red was popular on Tour with a
5.0 torque rating where the Silver and Black lines are 4.0 and 3.0
respectively. Shouldn’t they be playing the black line?

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