What is swingweight? A professional clubfitter explains! golftips

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In this video we will explain what the swingweight spec of your golfclubs is, how swingweight is measured, and why it can be an important specification of your club.
A swingweight that is incorrect for your golf swing can cause a lot of problems. And having a clubfitter make sure that there is a logical swing weight progression throughout your set of clubs could be a game changer for you.
If you have any questions on clubfitting or golfclub specifications, just drop us a line in the comments and we will address them there or in a future video.

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Steven Shaw says:

Can I ask please how do I know what my swing weight preference is? Is it all trial and error 🤔 thanks Steve

Golf Club Coach says:

Have you ever felt the difference in swingweight between clubs, or is it irrelevant for you?
I always pay attention to the swingweight when I build or adjust a club.
Mainly because I am super sensitive to it myself, so I know the difference that it can make for some players.

marzeepants says:

What is Tom Waits though?

citanullunatic says:

Good video. Informative and well presented.
What is that grip on your 7 iron, looks like it's got red grooves on it? Or are my eyes deceiving me?

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