What is The Best Golf Rain Gear?

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How do you decide what the best golf rain gear is? Shopping at PGA Super Store to find the right fit. #raingear #golfgear #pgasuperstore

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Carlos Rodriguez says:

Sooner or later, I suppose.

Anthony Raineri says:

I was caught once this past summer in the rain and went for shelter. Good video Matt.
I love to golf just not in the rain.

Lee Richards says:

Galvin is worth every cent! Played in UK regularly in rain and never leaked once

Earl Blink says:

Also great for layering on cold windy days . Good Rain Pants and Jacket get it done if you are a year round player

Jason crittenden says:

In uk you got loads of wet gear ! It doesnt stop raining lol

shan c says:

Galvin Green. It's worth the money. They call them "waterproofs", not raingear. I played in Scotland and buying Galvin Green was the best thing I learned from the trip.

Andrew Maugham says:

Hi where did you get the coulda shoulda hat please?

BeachBow says:

Now you can go online and buy it for 1/2 price. I like to support local business, but $110/$150 for rain gear is just criminal. Also, try some thrift stores. I've found good stuff there as well. One outfit I bought still had the tags on them. And that goes to local charities. JM2C

michael jones says:

looks really nice on you! I'm going to get me one. Also where is that PGA Store?

Don Hall-Aquitania says:

You’ll need a rain hat too Matt.

IntrepidGolfers says:

Ireland here I'm not a fan of rain gear but sometimes it's necessary. I go with the under armour jacket but for the pants I wear normal pants with that water resistant surface. That way I'm not changing in and out during the round. The pants are good and even if it rains a lot and the get wet they dry quickly. I should also mention I won't play if it's raining heavy at the start of a round. Loving the videos there great 🇨🇮🇨🇮🇨🇮

Rufuss Thoo says:

I think it's about time you gave away some that excess gear Matt 😉

artlsx10 says:

If you need help 'storing' some of that extra golf gear, I have plenty room. Just send them my way 😁😉

Darceys_Dad says:

I got rain pants and coat in England for £40!! 😝

125spectrum says:

Living in Scotland, I have as many waterproof jackets as you have putters. Very informative. P

jdamurph says:

GavinGreen is worth the price. I am bone dry every time I use mine.

TZOID08 says:

All Rain Gear no matter what brand or how expensive MUST be cared for with proper washing and application of DWR – I use Granger wash and DWR on my Gore-Tex. So many people are confused or just uninformed so do some research.

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