What is the Most Important Skill in Putting?

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Who wouldn’t love to improve their putting? The better you are at making putts, the better your scorecard looks. Unfortunately, a lot of golfers find themselves shooting the same scores over and over again with no idea how to get off the green in fewer strokes. If you relate to this problem, I’m here to help.

Watch our video on the 5 Keys to a Proper Putter Setup:

I am going to share with you the one key skill that you must master in order to be a better putter. I will also share three drills designed to help you practice this skill.

But first, I’d like to take a step back and look at the big picture, including five key concepts that you need have down in order to develop that one “King of the Hill” skill.

The information I share here is all data-driven, collected from our putting system, the Quintic Putting System. Through the Quintic System, we’ve gained a clearer understanding of how and why the ball rolls the way it does. I’ll spare you the academic language and keep this simple. Just remember, these concepts are not based on my opinions or preferences. Rather, they are developed from scientific data.


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Rick Bledsoe says:

To the point, enjoyed your tips

Carlos Rodriguez says:

Greetings first very good video. my question is I have a balanced tip puter and always had my swing straight back and straight ahead with the ball in the middle of my feet. Does this affect me in something? is that I see that the puter with equibrada tip are for bow swing and personally I have more control with straight swing although I am not very good at putting. I hope you help me. thank you

Carlos Rodriguez says:

Saludos primeramente muy buen video. mi pregunta es tengo un puter de punta equilibrada y siempre e tenido mi swing recto hacia atras y recto al frente con la bola en el medio de mis pies. esto me afecta en algo? es que veo que los puter con punta equibrada son para swing de arco y en lo personal tengo mas control con swing recto aunque NO soy muy bueno haciendo putts. espero me ayudes. muchas gracias

LizMcNamara47 says:

Yes, I’m going to try that home that laser.

John Marchioni says:

I want to buy the laser can you send me a link please any discount jpmarchioni@gmail.com

Bourne Jerz says:

Great stuff, info, drills, all back up by data.

Steve Polverini says:

Good solid basics! Thank you.

Peter Dunn says:

Very good points, with excellent and reasonably priced training aids. I think the rest is just practice. After 4 putting a par 3 the other day, I have hope again!!~

Bob Guggenbuehl says:

I recently wqtched a video from Performance Golf Zone entitled "Forget what you've heard about putting". It's about using your wrists more instead of your shoulders and abs. What is your feeling on this and what do you recommend ?
Thanks in advance.

RenzoChannel naño says:

Thanks very much

Larry Westbrook says:

Yes your videos is good information keep um coming.

Rajesh Marfatia says:

A great list to work on. Thanks!

Bob says:

A lot of golfers miss short putts (inside 5feet) because their expectations are "I should knock this in" then the subconscious thoughts take over and the putting stroke takes a different line, fix? pick your line and stick with it, commit, walk off the green either holed out or knowing you gave it you best shot, move on. good video lots of invaluable info many thanks

Larry Westbrook says:

I found out if you want a perfect strait roll put your ball in the center of your stance club shaft ahead of the ball so it delofts the putter face & here’s the key hold the shaft a little tighter so the club face stays square through impact a light grip going to make the putter face open & close thro impact plus a tighter grip is more stable going back & thro than a weak grip this really helped me putt better than ever before & I believe it will help others also another thing is a must your body got to be square to the target line for a straight true roll.??

JP-KEYZ SA says:

Awesome video with great drills on putting…

love it!!

Thank you..

max vilikei says:

WRONG,SUCKER!!!!! TIGER just won his 80th PGA in Sept.2018(he led from start to finish against the world's BEST!Put that in your pipe & smoke it

Jacob Erhabor says:

Fanatics,I really enjoyed the tips and hope they work for me.

Don Graven says:

That was a great video

Vinod Soni says:

Thanks for your really helpful videos

James Trachsel says:

What brand is the pxp putter

James Trachsel says:

What is the putter you are using???

Frank Rivera says:

Great video. Putting is the weakest part of my game. I will be using these on the practice greens

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