what muscles are used in a golf swing

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Luca Rodrigues says:

Keep it up bro you’ll reach your goal

ShingToMe says:

This was great, but I’d like to know more about the neck & back muscles that are used, because it’s interesting to feel more sore in certain places than others..I wonder if it’s normal or if my swing could use better flow adjustments. My right traps are a lot more sore than my left but my lower left back is more sore than my right. So even though both sides do slightly different things at different times, it’s basically the same..so I think my power is low because maybe I’m not using both sides of my muscle more equally?? Thoughts??

Thomas Fraser says:

Our bones and joints pushes as we swing back and forth along side with our muscles groups which subconsciously pulls equally as we swing back and forth. The golf club is simply a lever we hold in our hands designed for our body to airlift the golf ball off the ground. OK to build up your muscles but focusing on them or trying to manipulate them in any way will cause a pull shot or worse a pulled muscle. Cheers

Mamar Sebai says:

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Andrew Chalmers says:

This is really good and explains why pro golfers spend so much time in the gym these days.

Mike Spitzley says:

It's actually "all intents and purposes"… FYI 🙂

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