What to put in your golf bag *Most players get this WRONG!*

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Welcome back to Below Par. In this episode Joe Lovery is showing you how to set up your golf bag for a first round of golf but equally can be used by anyone looking to lighten the load on your back.
The golf industry can be confusing and id like to help ease the process of preparing your bag for its first outing. let me know in the comments below if you have any questions.

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◎Website: https://loveryjjw.wixsite.com/website

◎How to set arrange your golf bag: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v7aCQiaLXaM
◎Strike your irons like the pro's: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BR39CXc8os0
◎Stop Coming over the top: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kQL3dWn7yx0
◎Set up for straighter and longer drives: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jWVyV1t6RxU
◎My new wedges: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=moPy0Gaq0h0


I first made my channel a few years ago and had no idea where it was going to take me, all i knew is is that i wanted to help others on their golfing journey. I always found it hard when browsing the internet to find clear coaching information and the more i read the more conflicting advice i found. So this really gave me the drive to create my channel and make this content.

In my day job i am a full time golf coach working out of a driving range in the North West of Yorkshire as well as Colne Golf Club. I find coaching an incredibly rewarding job and i coach everyone from professionals to a complete beginner. I am always trying to further myself as a coaching professional through training and investing in the latest technology. I am also a fully qualified PGA Professional with Accredited PGA status.


I am here to help you improve your golf, whether it be via golf lessons or watching my online content. Please feel free to ask any questions on my videos to help you reach your goal of improving your game!



Rhys Remer says:

i’m trying to get into golfing and i didn’t know how much stuff you actually needed to play this was very helpful

Kent James says:

I'm 13 and shoot even par from men's tee's is that good

Golfing Accessories R Us says:

Thank you for the great tips. My golf bag was a mess.

Coding in the saddle says:

Why am I here my whole family plays golf and I can just ask them

Caleb Cooper says:

I am obsessed with your content just subbed with the bell on

Keegan Julik says:

You deserve wayyyyy more subs and likes this channel is awesome

shavencarrot says:

I would invest in a microphone to make your videos an overall better experience

iamjustgooder says:

Just subscribed! Awesome content

cullg says:

Subscribed. Keep doing what you're doing!

Toby Samrah says:

That bag looks very good, please could you tell me what it’s called?

JWxUK says:

Brolly? Waterproofs? cap?

CKW10001 says:

A lot of assumptions here that guys are beginners, I just wanted to know what people carry as was there anything weird in it. Been playing golf a long time by the way. Just don't assume as it makes an ass out of you. 😉

malthuswasright says:

I would add a small cloth you can put in your pocket to clean the ball on the green. You don't want to trot back to your bag to clean the ball before you putt.

Lionel Gerrard says:

I was an 18 before this video now I’m a scratch. Thanks!

Simon says:

I would add sunscreen, a few plasters, maybe a couple of antihistamines, and, since I play in Australia, a snakebite bandage & industrial-strength insect repellent 😀 good tips though.

Ryan Carroll says:

@belowpar would love to see a review on this bag!

G R says:

Hey man, I love your videos. I think they would be better if the audio was better. Maybe record audio in post? Just trying to help! Keep up the grind

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