What will Tiger Woods' legacy be 40 years from now? | Morning Drive | Golf Channel

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The Morning Drive Panel looks forward 40 years and imagines what Tiger Woods' lasting legacy will be. #GolfChannel #MorningDrive #TigerWoods

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What will Tiger Woods' legacy be 40 years from now? | Morning Drive | Golf Channel

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Jason Graham says:

He’s bigger than the game. He’s bigger than any other athlete in any other sport. Golf Channel, PGA Superstores, Golf Galaxy, countless clubs, balls and golf cloths wouldn’t exist without him. He’s more than the game

Tom ten says:

Welcome to cnn

Frederick Jacobson says:

40 years from now, his legacy will be cemented as one of the greatest athletes of all time. I don't ask Tiger, nor any professional athlete for that matter, to serve as my moral compass, but I found myself incredibly let down and disappointed when the whole world learned about some of his mistakes and misbehavior away from the golf course.

To think he went from being the subject of mugshot memes and the laughing stock of the sports world, after his DUI arrest in 2017, to Masters Champion less than two years later, is nothing short of the most remarkable comeback I have ever witnessed in my 25 years of watching sports. 40 years from now, I will be telling my grandkids about what an absolute privilege it was to watch the Big Cat go to work every Sunday in his trademark red & black. Some of the shots he's hit. Putts he's made. Chips holed under the most pressure-filled circumstances.

More than anything else, though, Tiger introduced me to golf and cultivated my deep love and passion for a game that would not have been introduced to me otherwise. Think about how many different people have shared my experience. That is his true legacy.

Jason Lewis says:

That their will never be a another tiger woods best folder ever! Just think before he was 40 years old he won 79 pga wins that is insane. Just Imagine if he never got really hurt. How many wins he would have today. Probably somewhere in the 90's

T Beck says:

#2 golfer all time, philanderer, gambler, sex addict, drug addict, jerk, egomaniac, and cry baby.

Lou Alcaraz says:

I'm here for lauren and Anna.

Peter Noles48 says:

One of the if not the best golfer of all time. He will forever known to change golf from being the old fat white man sport to an athletic sport. Don’t get me wrong, jack, AP, etc are the OGs. They influenced the sport, Tiger changed it.

Zero2Hero Golf says:

TW & Jack Nicklaus will forever be known as the golfers that ruled their era and beyond!

Leroy Rodgers says:

The GOAT. In 40 years WGCs will be majors probably lol.

Blah Blah says:

40 years from now? 2nd best to the King, same as he's attributed to now.

Anthony Bailey says:

Tiger will be seen as the most influential athlete of the late 20th and early 21st century.

Donald Young says:

Great topic…just saw one of the tweets saying, "The most dominant athlete of our time…" which is an argument that is worth debating. Thanks for sharing!

Danny Rand says:

40 years from now they will wonder how he made 142 consecutive cuts made, which is the equivalent to Joe DiMaggio's 56 game hit streak; untouchable!

Corek BleedingHollow says:

Much like Arnold Palmer's legacy. Arnold Palmer was the Tiger Woods of his time in the 50s to the 70s.

Danny Rand says:

0:06 Lauren Thompson in her Sunday Tiger Wood's Red & Black outfit 😉

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