What Would The Same Swing Look Like At Different Swing Speeds?

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Swing Speed has a direct correlation with driving distance. To illustrate this visually and with sound, here is the same swing but at different swing speeds.

Male Amateur – Age 70 – 79 mph club head speed and 191 yards/drive
Male Amateur – Age 55 – 90 mph club head speed and 217 yards/drive
Male Amateur (All Ages) – 93 mph club head speed and 224 yards/drive
PGA TOUR CHAMPIONS – 107 mph club head speed and 274 yards/drive
PGA TOUR – 114 mph club head speed and 294 yards/drive
Professional Long Driver – 135 mph club head speed and 348 yards/drive
Average World Long Drive Champion – 146 mph club head speed and 377 yards/drive
Fastest Recorded World Championship Speed – 153 mph club head speed and 395 yards/drive (the record is actually now 157!)
For Fun – A swing at 194 mph club head speed would produce a 500 yard drive

Long drive driving distances were calculated based on a PGA TOUR driving distance efficiency of 2.58 yards/mph.

A base swing speed of 129 mph was made using a Sports Sensors Swing Speed Radar, which, for Jaacob, translates roughly to 115 mph club head speed on a Trackman launch monitor. The speeds were then adjusted up and down proportionally in Final Cut Pro to arrive at the speed for each category. Speeds on the slides are estimated Trackman speeds.

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