What you need to know when golfing In Scotland, being a good traveller

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Some Tips and tricks for making your trip to the home of golf smooth and enjoyable.


Rory Smith says:

Golf is a super game.

steve kemlo says:

Some good advice or as Erik Lang said ask a Scotsman

Ben Foust says:

I have started planning a trip with the Old Course Experience. Thanks for confirming what I've been told in the past.

Jesse Ross says:

No hats worn in the bar

Jesse Ross says:

Great video

Gordon Millar says:

Glad you had a good trip, sorry I didn’t manage to meet up for a game.

Matt Revilock says:

Cool info. I have always said if it doesn't say Gore Tex on it you didn't get the right one.

Mark C says:

Well done on your trip and many thanks for the great videos, keep up the great work

keith irvine says:

Just took Scotland off my bucket list…..

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