What you should practice as a junior + Coaching tour pros?

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Welcome down to Finch Friday, a weekly round up of questions fired across to me on social media 🙂 This week we look at what junior golfers should be practicing + if I would coach tour professionals + much more


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I deliver straight talking, easy to follow, honest, professional, calculated advice to all of my viewers from beginner to tour pro. This tried and tested method of coaching has helped many golfers achieve their personal goals and beyond.

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John Cunningham says:

Me and my friends play for pro vs

adam porter says:

Thank God…Finally someone else that advocates gambling on sports for minors. When I was a kid, I played Varsity Basketball. Our coach used to bet us $5 a ball on 5 three point shots (a make= coach pays me $5; a miss= I pay coach $5). I got REALLY good at making 3's, I led district in 3 point %, and took $15 to $20 off coach Mac every week. Although I mostly used the money to buy alcohol and by the time I played college ball, I had a heavy drinking problem. Moral of the story is, gambling is ok when done for the right reasons in small amounts, but don't drink kids.

Owen Crawford says:

What if I eat 18 mars bars during a round

Andrew Nelson says:

everything is so useful there's not one thing pete that you do that hasn't improved my game in some way

Joseph Del Giorgio says:

Love the junior tips

Jeanette Howlett says:

Dried mango and pineapple = ??

Jeanette Howlett says:

Pete, I am moving to Singapore this summer so I could try and get you out there as long as you pay for your flights

Dalton Northcutt says:

do you have any fun drills for chipping in general


Spooky you mentioned the coffee research. Last weekend l had a black coffee just before my round in the knowledge that it would give me a slight pick me up for want of a better term. l shot 42 front 9. My best 9 holes ever. Back 9 of 54. Definitely felt the stimulating effect wear off in the closing holes. Will try again today making sure l have another coffee at the turn. ? ⛳

wesley Darrow says:

Great video Pete can you make a video on getting more backspin by the green

Mod143 says:

Instead of the $1, you could also bet a ball.

Adam Flynn says:

As an alternative to gambling kids (naughty Peter) buy a little golf trophy off the Internet and play ur mates winner takes the trophy home-made can get 1 engraved with champion gfer on it or something similar and they only cost a few pounds/dollars really does make u focus better and compete more and that does help u improve faster ?

Malcolm A. says:

What's wrong with this Finch Friday vlog? NOTHING AT ALL!
Brilliant stuff; just what I needed after a tough day at the office.

Colm Devine says:

Instead of gambling money, me and my friend used to do whoever lost the chipping comp or whatever had to buy the other person a drink of lemonade for £1 if we were getting something to eat if we were down there all day. Same initiative to win but won't leave you with a gambling problem in the future lol.

Kenneth Attaway says:

Old guys like me still put something on practice shots…putting, for instance, we all drop a quarter on the green, closest to the pin picks up the quarters…good fun and helps with lag putting…

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