What’s in my golf bag 2017 with Junior Golfer Max Dragon (MADE2GOLF)

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Dylan Pederson says:

i have a 12 handicap and im 13. i am improving as im growing. i shot 82 79 to win our junior male club championship. i can only hit my driver 200 but anything under 130 yards im dangerous. my putting is shaping up nice. was wondering should i get ping G irons or taylormade m2s? also M1 or M2 driver

Chilikid68 says:

Do you guys run the channel as a group or is it just you

thevoltshift says:

Hey max, same thing happened to me but with my driver I would tend to top it ever once in a while. but I played with a taylormade rep and he ended up sending me a 10.5 degree m1 as opposed to my 8 degree I was using and what this did for me was when I was hitting the 8 degree would look so closed to me that i would try to swing up on it way to much causing those tops and now with the 10.5 It doesn't have that closed look to me and haven't topped one in months. just an option maybe for your three wood try setting it back to 15 idk aha keep up the goodwork

Nieldy Boi says:

Hi man was wondering what your exact handicap is?

Ken Dattilio says:

I am 14 with a 4.9 handicap and I won my first junior tournament with a 75

Taylor Vlog says:

I subscribed. ????

OJ Wyse says:

Great video mate. 100th view as well ?

skateordiedev says:

subbed ??

Kyle Fairbanks says:

solid in the bag max, i love the mp5s they are such sick irons.

Josh Tighe says:

Shit. Is being the 13th view unlucky? Ps. Keep up the great vids man ???

EzmoneyTV says:

Yes!!!! I've been for this video for so long

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