Whats in the Bag and getting to know Junior Golf Boy!

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Robert Malicki says:

you talk like a idiot ………take a few speaking classes

Lachie Murchie says:

You know your a faggot #soznotsoz

36JakeTheSnake36 says:

You remind me SO MUCH of Andre from the show The League.. Are you his son?

Junior golf boy says:

Ur not junior golf boy so stop saying u are!

Max clarke says:

Your dick is as big as a tee

Cristian Giardino says:

Ur swing is great!:)

Cristian Giardino says:

Just no!

ParkourGets Tappedout says:

cool clubs! could you make a video of tips for tournemants

Harry Bartles says:

how much were the irons ….. great SWING

HoleInOneGolf says:

Nice! Sub me back?

squarewatcher23 says:

nice clubs just subscribed! 

Matthew Burchard says:

Nice setup!

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