What’s in the Bag? w Top Ranked Junior ‘D1’ ASU Recruit – Cameron Sisk – Sep 2017

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Michael Thomas says:

How fun would it be to watch if this kid and Davis Evans from Gabe's channel are playing on the same team. Small world

Eric Hurt says:

Doesn't understand why Ported wedges are affected, it's cause of weight-those wedges are heavier then most. Come on the line on the TP Red anyone can get. Now…..I have the TP Red T serial number with serial ending in JD2, I have the 2nd one he ever used. EF wedges will do better around the greens also. Just got the 64 Hi-Toe, heavy sole-highspin point. Seems like Taylormade just gave him clubs but doesn't understand some of the technology he has. Also upgrade those shafts to some Modus shafts.

HighSpinSwingSpeed says:

The wedge is ported – they drilled holes in it to remove weight and get the swing weight to spec.

Jm Mj says:

more volgs Blaire

Caleb Leonard says:

You can actually go to taylormade.com and costumize your putter and get the line

Colorado_koolaid says:

No disrespect but that putter can be bought now with the line

christopher williams says:

NCAA violation here

setiisforeal says:

The problem with this school logic is that the system is set up in such a way that he's making the empirically correct decision. He obviously has no desire to make a living doing anything other than golf(which is fine, if his dream is to be a PGA tour pro, then by all means, chase it), but the way the NCAA is set up is such that athletes are heavily incentivized (and sometimes even mandated- look at "one and done" in college basketball- it exists purely to ensure that the top talent doesn't go directly from high school to the NBA, thereby depriving NCAA of its $$$) to play sports in college in exchange for a tuition subsidy. In this way, others at division one schools are asked to foot the bill for college 'students' who really aren't there to study. For major sports (football & men's basketball), it's exploitative. For all other sports, it's wasteful. For nobody is it a good thing. Long story short: our public policy surrounding D1 college athletics needs to change. Let me be clear: I'm not calling for getting rid of college sports in America. Far to the contrary, I think its one of the great features of American exceptionalism which doesn't exist in other countries. But it needs to be restructured, and should have more sport-school balance like it does at D3 schools. This comment is turning into a manifesto, and before I start expounding on suggested techniques for doing this without estranging millions of people for whom spectatorship of college athletics is one of the primary joys in life (read: most of middle America), I think I'll just end with this: don't blame Mr. Sisk. He's making a rational choice. Blame the system.

Steve's Place says:

"If you're gonna get a degree you might as well make it easier." Yes, it doesn't matter if you learn anything, just get a degree.
— millennials —

Clayton Johnson says:

lets go sun devils! ASU!

Snooster17 says:

Was he gifted that bag? Don't they lose their eligibility/amateur status if they accept gifts? That's what I thought at least. Talented guy that's for sure. Keep up the good work!

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