What’s In The Bag with club engineer Chris Voshall / The 2nd Cut

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Charlie 234 says:

Chris looks a bit like Tiger in the face!?

David Leigh says:

Interesting video .
Maybe I should have stayed with my only set of Mizuno irons many years ago.
One Mizuno item that will stay in the bag for the foreseeable future is the new JPX ball .Simply superb.
So much so that my golf buddy having played one of mine has also switched over to it from a Chrome Soft.
So well done Mizuno and advertise that balls qualities more.
You have a winner on your hands.

Stephen Blackley says:

I have mp14

alijohnny says:

Great insight into the thoughts of a player. It’s not necessarily that the latest stuff isn’t awesome, it’s the feel and predictability that a player looks for. That being said, I’m jonesing for some Mizuno irons! ?

Craig wall says:

Be a cold day in he'll when someone gets me to change out my MP25's

Adam Flynn says:

Get yourself a 5 wood instead of your hybrid Chris…if you like the bigger headed hybrid u will find them similar and you can get ur fade with them ?

Paul Sherman says:

Good on Mizuno for putting this video up showing a key member of their staff playing old clubs. Also, showing that fitting is key and once your dial in your good.

Fullkornsglass says:

And thats from the guy that can build whatever he likes with a running bird on it…

Joakim Uvegård says:

Hmm did not know about the kom-matchning pitching wedge – will have to check that one out.

justin palmer says:

I have a set of MX20 irons and have found nothing modern that compares in forgiveness and feel. Was on a launch monitor and the fitter remarked that I was more consistent with my old irons and that he had nothing that would improve on them

MrRmfd says:

I wish I could afford custom fit clubs. I haven’t played in years but my last two sets were the old T-Zoid pro models. They were my favorite irons of all time!

Adolfo Zayas says:

very cool video.

Fieldy says:

Mp5 best clubs ever !

Paedea Paedea says:

So basically technology through the years have not changed enough for him to get new clubs…

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