When GOLF Players Lose Control PART 1

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Fights and brawls
Angry Man !!!
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Fight Sports says:

When GOLF Players Lose Control part 3
New , new 2018 Best Part !!!!

Christophe Archambault says:

The one who brok the car he was right to do that

Jake Duran says:

Ruined by music dislike

Chuck Taylor says:

Golfers = 1, Punks with RC car = 0

LoosieGoosie says:

01:50 Respect the game.

R Fern says:

MAN the world has changed, that kid at the end was wrong, he got taught a lesson, then he gets in the face of a man that was at least 40 years older then him. Where is the the respect for elders, I think that man could have used that club if that kid would have tried to hit him and been Totally justifiable.

TehJMastuh says:

The boys with the RC Car was in the wrong! I’m sorry to say. I’m an RC Hobbyist myself, and I’d never do that on a golf course. That’s just fucking bullshit.

Andrew Jenkins says:

Would’ve been nice to see a stomp to finish off the RC car.

Foxinnord 72 says:

LOL golfers are such fags

Anaphriel says:

1:00….yup, basically white children in a nutshell right there.

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