When is it time to replace your irons? Original Titleist AP2 vs. New T100

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http://txg.ca – Matt went into the garage and dug out his original Titleist AP2 irons from 2007. In this video we compare their performance with the new Titleist T100 irons. How far has iron technology come and how much are you leaving on the table with an old set?

Filmed at: Tour Experience Golf
Custom Golf Club Fitting Studio – Toronto, Canada
Featuring: Ian Fraser & Matt Blois



simply.matias says:

Started playing again after 18 years with old TaylorMade 300 forged irons. Looks I could gain some distance 🙂

Bryce Smith says:

I have Titleist 710 mb blades from 2009 im a 8 handicap with a good swing looking to go low as possible, should i upgrade to new taylormade p7mb??

Frat Boy Fishing says:

I think this question all depends on how often you play and how much you improve. I made a mistake last year and got fit for clubs that do not fit me now because my swing has changed and improved so much within the past year. I'll play with the ones I have now, but i'll probably replace in 5 years.

Philipp Ahrend says:

I‘m still using these! Not sure if that little extra distance is worth the upgrade though…

Devils1917 says:

I think its time for some new clubs, im currently rocking an R7 5 wood and some R11 irons.

Richard Charlesworth says:

Really should be replacing my Nike Blades from 2003!

Edward Durkin says:

I wonder how this would work for my Ping Eye2 irons. I tried to replace them once and was fitted for G10s which were about 5 yards longer per club. However, I reverted to the old reliables as the G10s seemed clunky.

Dylan McConnell says:

I'm still rocking the old burner 2.0 and still hit them very well. Should I change them up or no?

Domino says:

What fricking club was he hitting? It was driving me insane trying to find that info

OG Mangler says:

Well…I must say that with my decade old CG16's and my 6, 8, and PW all having different shafts with not only different grips but different sized grips as they were replaced by a small shop with no measurements taken….and I just fitted myself on the internet in the first place for the set…..it's time for some new irons. I'm fairly consistently in the 78-83 range… hopefully get properly fit somewhere here in NB and get a new set.
Watching your videos has made me lose confidence in my mismatched set for sure haha!
It has given me a good push though.
Great material.

Christopher Izquierdo says:

I play off 6 and have been using ping g15 irons 4-LW with stiff awt shafts for many years. I’m as accurate and long as anyone I play with. Not sure anyone needs to upgrade. It’s just weather you want to or not. Or believe the marketing or not.

Trailcam Ross says:

10 years old??? My Ryder Power Forged Irons are over 30 years old ??? maybe my game has adapted to suit.

Mike Mitchell says:

I will stick with my set of ram clubs until I can strike the ball consistently

Joshua Horvat says:

My irons are from 1996, im about a 5 handicap. Cant wait to get some freshies, soon… soon…

BoardSports says:

Titleist seems to be one of the companys that really make their products better. Other brands just say it is better and it is new but a lot of tests show that they can not improve. However Titleist seems to improve their drivers and irons everytime they come out.

A Nomad says:

test the t-100 vs 762….

nick kingstone says:

Does 6.0 vs 6.5 stiffness contribute to the extra efficiency for a 100mph swing? 5mph jump seems a lot!

Tim Williams says:

I’m just changing from Mizuno 825 Pro’s to the T100’s as a bargain set with the same shafts came up, looking forward to testing them.

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