Where Should Your Eyes Focus In The Golf Swing?

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How would you like to be more consistent in golf?! Where do we look while we swing? For those looking to find focus points, this video on Where Should Your Eyes Focus In The Golf Swing? is for you. We have the golf swing and your total game boiled down to the 5 most important keys in our Top Speed Golf System. If you’re looking to make consistent swings, we'll cover a few tips, while improving key fundamentals! Be able to hit any shot in golf! We’ll teach you.

I look forward to working with you much more in the future with Top Speed Golf. Good luck with your golf.

Clay Ballard

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vishal dubey says:

You come across as a simple Guy with a transparent heart. Your videos reelect a clear thought process. You're a winner all the way.
Regards from the Land of Taj !!


Stephen King says:

Can't wait to try that out…. range tmr

Chris says:

I visualized an Albatros but sliced it only 10 yards away

raLan says:

don't hit a shot until you can visualize it very clearly next time you're out with a three or four some…..let us know if they invite you back 😉
great video though in all seriousness, visualization is key.

volleydan1970 says:

At 4:34/4:35 where EXACTLY are your eyes focusing? Front of the ball, back of the ball or middle of the ball? I understand what the rest of the instruction is trying to accomplish (mental visualization, etc.) but ultimately/naturally/physiologically the human eye tends to focus on some point of the target in it's view. For example, I play a lot of volleyball (34 years worth) and when I need to hit a cut shot, from the right side, I visually focus on the right side of the volleyball just above the "equator" of the ball (northern hemisphere) because hitting the ball on the right side has the effect of sending the ball to the left (a "cut" shot from the right side of the court). Then again maybe this is why I am still a high handicapper at golf, LOL! Sigh.

golf raven says:

Wow, the practice swing you explain it could be a game changer.. will take it to the range and course ?️‍♂️?

stonewallre7 says:

How do you keep the club low enough to make a divot. The bottom of my swing usually hits the bottom of the equator of the ball. It is more of a line drive type shot, but no divot. I don't want to dig into the ground. Any helpful thoughts? I shift my weight forward and still no divot. Can't get low enough properly.

Nick says:

i dont look at the ball, all i see is Dead people

Mike Rodrick says:

I tend to look at the front of the ball which seems to get me to extend more, just like puting the ball a little bit in front of your toe with a driver. It forces you turn & extend more. This is just as a drill; not for play.

frmer td says:

I spent yrs hitting thin (never fat) and off the toe. One day i was at the range and out of boredom, tried hitting some fat shots. WHAM! perfect contact. I tried again, again perfect contact. I started focussing on hitting a grass blade 1/2 inch behind the ball and now i strike my irons perfect. I heard nancy lopez even hit a blade of grass 1/2 inch in frontnof the ball! jason day says he hits a dimple on the back, but if a bad lie moves it to the front of the ball. This thing about hitting the back of ball is a misconception that pga pros have been taught. Different people have different eyes. For some people, the back of the ball is not where to aim. Ask yourself, do my mishits always hit thin or fat??? That is the. Answer.

Geo B says:

I look at the front tip (target side) of the golf ball, that keeps me from hitting it heavy or fat.

adam smith says:

Unfortunately I'm watching a horror movie.

jacob anderson says:

Subscribed, thank you!

Jase Goodman says:

Clay – i keep hitting my clubs off the toe, do you have any drills or know roughly why this is?

63Turbo says:

Clay… I really liked how you explain that process of getting set-up over the ball, and the thought process… what a great way to hit the best shot you can.

the savr says:

Every bonus video is about lag? ?

Roy Rubin says:

This guy has improved my ball striking like nobody on you tube or the range. I asked a pro I was paying to teach me, where do I hit the ball exactly? He told me he didn't know. It was so weird. He wanted me to hit the draw, but all I ever did was hit fades that got worse and worse. Clay's videos have got me killing the ball, bam it goes off the club face without even thinking about it. I dip low on my back foot and come up on my front creating awesome lag just like he shows you. Amazing. I'm 70 years old and feel like a kid again!

Arnie E says:

Clay, I submitted a comment on the instructional site to have a section of videos like this one: what to do when your on the course, as opposed to on the range. You might want to rename this video to something like "visualization" because, as you say in the vid, it's about visualization of the shot, not focus on a particular part of the ball. Again, recommend having a section of videos like this on the site. Very helpful.

MEH Marine Engineered Hydraulics .Craig Biddulph says:

Hey Clay, always love your vids. Someone also told me if your a person who likes to concentrate on the ball; instead of mechanically watching a certain part of the ball; a Pro suggested to me (as I hit more out of the centre of my stance) that I should tell myself I want to keep my head over the ball, or if your a person who plays the ball further forward tell yourself I want to keep my head behind the ball just a bit. What this does for you (or did for me) is take your mind off mechanically watching the ball. But of course to get a feel for where your head is you will need to be watching the ball. I guess it's a way of getting you to watch the ball, but without mechanically telling yourself to watch it. It's helped me a lot. It also takes out the famous swaying or lateral move problem onto the back foot out of the equation. Helped me to turn or rotate my body around my right stable leg without having to actually think about. So this little tip helped me deal with 2 swing problems without having to think about anything mechanical. Just thought I might mention it as it helped me a lot. I hit the ball more often crisply than ever before.

cheers Craig

Michael Pasvantis says:

Great video and and excellent point about listening to your body's feedback over the shot and playing that shot. One of the best things about hitting the range before playing is figuring out what kind of shot you're going to be playing that day. Too many people fight this and it makes for a long day. Keep up the good work Clay, it is appreciated.

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