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► Golf Monthly Technical Editor Joel Tadman runs through every iron in the Titleist range for 2020 to help narrow down your search and decide which model would be best for your game. As always, we would recommend a custom fitting to maximise performance, but this video should provide clarity as to what each iron is designed to offer in terms of looks, feel, distance and forgiveness.

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Jan Cux says:

0:01 Intro
0:34 T400
1:51 T300
3:05 T200
4:26 T100
6:01 T100s
7:35 620 CB
8:52 620 MB
10:25 Outtro

Q-Bits says:

What iron to pick if you're a beginner (Handycap 30-54) but want to get better quickly?

RD S says:

"Handicap of 24 and below".
What should I do if my handicap is 145 ?

T Beck says:

The 620 CB looks awesome! Me want!!!

J Richard says:

Would you recommend a combo set 4-6 in T100 and 7-9 in 620 CB? Thanks!

gJb 1 says:

It’s not so much about the clubs you use


I was wondering what the t100s meant. Thats ?

Mark Blaydes says:

Great vid thanks ??

Sohlio says:

I think T200 is right for me, but I love my AP2

C Dun says:

Got the t200 and t100. Got the 200 2 degrees weak these are my favorite irons

Hugh Janis says:

Just go someplace and get fitted most big box stores its free and you can hit all these clubs. Fitting is more important than someones personal opinion. Aside from just a head the shaft has a big part in the experience.

Brian Fong says:

Very good info on the Titleist line. If they had this line up about 6 months ago when I purchased my T200, it would have given me a hard time just looking between the T200 and the T100s.
Anyway, love my T200's.

Peter Mill says:

The CB looking from the top in the video doesn't look like a Titleist ie the topline is not rounded?

SuperDuper Awesome says:

Great idea for a series (don't just do 'usual' brands) ?. Like a couple of others commented, stick to types of players rather than hcaps and is it too much to include shafts and dexterity options? ?

Connor Thomas says:

Great video would love to see one like this for every manufacturer

chris Sankey says:

I play 718 CB's off a handicap of 9. Bought them when I was playing off 15 and was the best decision I ever made in terms of improving my ball striking. You get instance feedback on bad strikes allowing you to identify the fault instead of masking it with irons that look like shovels.
I think saying irons should be for this level handicap etc is a bit dated way of thinking to be honest.

Aart van der Molen says:

Can you please do this also for PING, Cobra and Cleveland ?

Mitch 1977 says:

Comfortable in the fact that I can game any of them! CBs will be in the bag soon! Cool vid

Stuart Mackenzie says:

Love this, been Titleist all my golf years. Currently on AP3 and love them. Titleist definitely make some of the best looking irons out there!! Am I due an upgrade no, but will I, probably in the new year!

Domino says:

Which type of iron should i buy if I shank the ball about 50 yards right?

N G says:

I find the pigeon holing of handicap to club style really annoying; "if you're 24 to 20 you should use this", this iron is for the very best players, 2 and below".
I'm relatively crap at golf but I love blades and the thrill of hitting a solid shot, okay I'll hit more bad ones than a 2 handicapper but so what, he'll hit more good shots than me with the shovels….
Blades make you a better ball striker as you don't rely on technology and hence concentrate on finding the middle.
So the "traditional loft" (still jacked IMHO) might not go so far, well take a 6 instead of the 7 then!

Ewen Farquhar says:

Callaway version?

Adam Ladak says:

Taylormade version please

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