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When buying a new driver it can be a mind field, knowing which one to pick out of all the models the golf club manufacturers have to offer. In this golf advice video Matt Fryer Golf talks you through 3 differents models of driver from the new Mizuno ST 200 range. With each model from the lineup of drivers they all offer something slightly different for different golfers. Some of the drivers are made for higher swing speeds, some are made for the golfer looking for maximum forgiveness and some offer more adjustability for the golfer who likes to change the settings of their driver, depending on what they are looking from it.

By understand the model's and what they offer and using these outlines for other drivers on the market, you can make an informed decision when purchasing your next driver.

Like stated in the video, it is best to go for a fitting to see which driver suits you best. For more information on mizuno fittings see below

Custom Fit 2022

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Zandi Spicer says:

Enjoyed your detailed explanation. Helpful advice.

alan cunliffe says:

Hi Matt great video, really fancied the mizuno but unfortunately they don't do the x version in left hand at least not in the UK which as a High handicappe,24, I need. So I will stick with my Ping G400 until the next round of new drivers come out

Malcolm A. says:

Love seeing new gear but it confuses me LOL – nice to see you talk tech
Id for sure get a fitting if I get a new one

michael maxwell says:

what effects does having a shaft at 50g vs having a shaft at 60g? should the weight in the head change?

P Hughes says:

I bought the Mizuno ST200 …. best driver I've ever owned.

Alan Birch says:

Sorry for typo should read Jim Furyk 🏌🏻‍♂️⛳️

Mizuno Golf says:

Thanks Matt. We’d divide it out as much by flight preference as hcp (though that’s a reasonable guide too). We’ve actually ended up with more of our tour staff playing the standard ST200. The G tends to be played by the shot shapers (Luke) and the high bombers like Keith Mitchell prefer the ST200.

Mike B says:

I bought a used Cobra F6+ driver about a year-and-a-half ago, it sounds like crap, but it's one of the best drivers I've ever used.

Marc Simmonds says:

Got fitted for a Ping 410 a few months ago. First driver that I have owned that I can hit predictably. Think it was as much to do with the careful choice of shaft as anything.

12496 says:

First time on your channel, and loved the content on this one! Thank you!!

Michael Score says:

Hallo Matt!
Yes, many people are confused in what they should buy – thanks for your advise to make the right decision! As a further low handicaper and now old man with a old Driver (Titleist 905…) I think I would select the st200 in a normal version. Making lower shots is possibel with changes in the swing also (i learnd golf with a persimmon driver…) and to many options are bringing confusion – maybe… So I would choose the normal st200 and if you want send me this one from the 3 I would be happy! One question I have: Which shaft do you play in your st200G driver? Which weight?
Thanks for the excellent informations you always give! Stay healthy! Michael

Darren bell says:

Went in for a fitting thinking the mavrik sub zero would be the one. I play off 6 at 50 yrs old and hit the mavrik max much better on dispersion and distance was no different next to the sub zero. How wrong can you be and it was the weights in the max which made it a better fit for me.

Gordon Mcshannock says:

Another great video matt more good advice thanks keep it up.

Alan Birch says:

Hi Matt another informative spot on vid. I’ve just had a driver fitting and on my list was Maverick Max, TM SIM Max, Ping G410 Max & Cobra Extreme. After trying each club with various adjustments and shafts I still hadn’t quite found a favourite, The fitter asked me to try a Titleist TS1 (which was not on my wish list) as he said he thinks it would suit me and Wow was he right, great launch, distance, clubhead speed and straight! I just felt I could always find the fairway.
Without the fitting (nearly 2 hours) I would have spent a lot of money the wrong driver. Can’t wait for it to arrive and hit some balls 🏌🏻‍♂️⛳️

Steve Smith says:

Your not alone, but why is the consensus that "high handicappers" are slow speed swingers ? I'm a single digit handicap, with a driver swing speed average of 84mph. Pretty much the bottom tier per say, at least according to PGA instructors. So, why not just state which driver is geared for "high", "medium", or "slow" swing speeds ? Don't understand why handicaps enter the equation, me just being a lamen.

Tyler Elmore says:

Thanks for the info Matt. I’m looking at the Callaway Rouge Draw.

Todd Bassett says:

A great, informative video Matt! I'm a big fan of Mizuno equipment and look forward to seeing you wield one of these precision instruments throughout the season! Please keep the excellent content coming!

Aussie Golfer says:

Great review mate 👍🏌️‍♀️

Joe McCauley says:

Nice video Matt explaining different options. I would still advise on a fitting to make sure we gt one that matches or swing, looking for a new driver so good to test different options

Neal Sokay says:

Can't wait for what's in the bag 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼

Martyn 1994 says:

Club head speed, 75mph, 85 mph or 110 mph. Low mid and pro? what is a high and what is low?

bama171717 says:

I use a 9 degree Tour M6 with a smoke 70 gram shaft. I just got a a tour Sim 8 degree head and I have a harder time getting the ball up. Changing loft closes the face which makes me hit big hooks. What would be a good shaft to look at for the Sim?

Nathan Machin says:

I can smash a small headed driver about 350yards like the callaway not sure the model but it's quite old. I have tried using new driver but the heads are too big I dont feel comfortable and draw right everytime any small head drivers you reomend trying? Or reasons to why bully heada do not suit me?

Decorative Homes says:

Thank you very much for a fantastic driver intro! 😊

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