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Mark Crossfield is out on the golf course testing the latest golf drivers from Taylormade Golf, Titleist Golf and Srixon Golf. Including dry ball data from inside the Foresight Studio at Honiton Golf Club, which driver will perform best for Mark and will it be the same for all the viewers down the lens. Talking feel, sound, looks and performance will any of these three drivers, Taylormade Stealth, Titleist TSi3 or Srixon ZX5 sit in pole position for best golf driver of 2022. Let us know in the comments what you look for in a golf driver.

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Paul Kempster says:

I love golf drivers
Me I would like to see different shafts because like in this video not one driver out performed the other but tinker with shafts and weights could make small or bigger difference even getting the right ball can add yardage and disperse rate

naturalbeast says:

Why zx5 and not zx7?

Thomas Dayberry says:

Nice comparison. I love golf drivers….now that my swing is on and I can actually hit them! Thanks for your help with that!

Mike Williams says:

I would go Stealth. Would be a decent replacement for my SLDR. Oops. TMFB much?

MrSitemaster2 says:

Great video, I love driver reviews but when it comes to the cost I find them hard to take seriously. Especially when you know you can get a PXG 0211 brand new with fitting options for around £200.

Andy Titcomb says:

I love golf drivers – as long as they are 🐍

Richard Reed says:

All things being equal, I think it would boil down to feel and budget. If you're upgrading from an older driver, you couldn't go wrong with any of them.

Ian Towers says:

Play TSi3. Best driver I have ever used. Definitely fade biased but that's what I want, Played Callaway for 20 years but ultimately came down to what was available at my course (Titleist; Ping; Cobra). Bad experience with major retails stores

Ray Jones says:

I love drivers ……. specially my TSI2

Frans Krause says:

I ❤ golf drivers

Aaron Gibson says:

I LOVE GOLF DRIVERS. It seems to come down to sound and aesthetics and not performance. Not sure that’s what the manufacturers want to hear. Great video.

Toon Lad says:

PXG 0811 X for me killed all 2021 releases, can't see 2022 drivers being any better.

Darren bell says:

Tried these in my fitting Mark tsi3 best but spin was too high losing distance. Fitter had me try stealth plus, cobra low spin and rogue st ls and rogue won out in distance and accuracy. Then he passed me the rogue triple diamond i said i can't use that it's a tour driver but boy am i glad i tried it. It's in my bag and hitting fairway after fairway it's a sleeping giant in my opinion Mark and the last driver i would have picked for my 5 handicap and 98mph swing speed. Honestly it's so long and forgiving and the best driver i have bagged in my golfing years. It's gorgeous over the ball and out right performs for a branded elite / better player driver

Brock Felipe says:

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David Knight says:

I love golf drivers. Have certainly owned a few 😀
I’m biased towards Taylormade these days and the Stealth is the best one by a mile in recent years, very consistent and long for me ( probably as much to do with the custom fitting).

Peter Edwards says:

I play a ping g400,and play it well, what about a comparison for a slow swing speed (shaft, loft etc)could we do better. The older I get I'm not going to be able to get faster, I'm in my mid 50s.cheers bruh.

Jay Byrne says:

I love golf drivers. I'd go for – whichever one you fancy gifting to me 🤣🤣🤣

Jared Dixon says:

Hey mark been playing golf for 6 months about 22 handicap and looking to get a newer driver looking to spend around £180-220 I’m currently using a ping g10 would u be able to do a video on second drivers for mid to high handicaps or does it not really matter so long as there is adjustment I will be able use most to good effect

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